Sep 052011

Plans were to head to Roslyn, WA for some camping.  Funny how things can change in an instant.  “Honey, would you mind if we checked out Keechelus Lake?” I asked Hubby as we drove towards this vast, beautiful body of water on I-90 (right after the Pass).  In the past we always saw an RV or camper here and there around the lake, so why not check it out?

As we drove down the road and towards the lake, we were welcomed by some very nice folks who have camped there before.  We decided to stay the night and what a night it was.  It is a very popular spot to watch the paragliders.  While hubby and B watched them, I headed into the Airstream to prepare a delicious dinner of sole fish accompanied by a panzanella bread salad.  Recipe will follow shortly.

If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend boondocking here.  It is quiet, peaceful and if you have a boat or kayak — bring it!  We are in the market for a kayak now so if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear it.

Off Road Boondocking on Keechelus Lake with our Airstream Travel Trailer

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