Feb 032014

{ Please see my notes at the end of this post with some tips prior to getting started }No hardware required - easy shelf for your rv / trailer kitchen via J5MM.com

Just a few notes before you get started:  The legs must be placed close to each other in the center as shown in my photos below — otherwise, if you place them far apart on either end of the board, the shelf-wont-fit.   Also prior to towing, place a tea towel in between the gap of the shelf and the side of the upper cabinet.  This way it won’t sway from side to side.  During our trip to Idaho, one of my legs broke off.  I fixed it and placed the towel there on the way home and it worked well.  I think that if you don’t want to mess around with the towel business, you could just screw in four screws into each leg.

Aug 042011

My camera goes everywhere with me — especially on our Airstream trips.  Sometimes I feel uncomfortable carrying around a camera bag that just screams, “There is an expensive camera in this bag.”  I wanted something more discreet and not so obvious yet stylish at the same time.  I scoured the Internet trying to find an alternative.  I wanted something that could carry all of my equipment as well as my personal belongings so I didn’t have to haul my purse along too.  No luck, at least, nothing I liked was out there.

Then I started thinking about diaper bags.  Most of them come with pockets galore (perfect for lenses, etc.) and some of them can be rather stylish as well.   I found this diaper bag and just fell in love.  Doesn’t look like a diaper bag, does it?  Or even a camera bag for that matter.  The only problem was that the bag was not padded — but it did come with a diaper changing pad.

Diaper Bag turned Stylish Camera Bag

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Mar 122011

We have so much storage on our Airstream that this shelf under the mirror* was always empty because we just haven’t had the need to use it.  When I did put things there – it was an eye sore. Ugly medicine bottles just glaring at you whenever you’d come into the bathroom.

Then one day I thought how cool would it be to put some artificial green grass in there so it looked like a nice little row of green grass.  Plus greenery always brightens up a room, so why not in here?  So finally yesterday I made my way to our local craftstore and low and behold, they had exactly what I was looking for!

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