Apr 222015

A Taste of Washington's Coast for #GoRVing via J5MM.com #Airstream

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Grayland Beach State Park along Washington’s coast, it is a trip that I highly recommend.  There you are greeted with beautiful sites — some boast privacy, some are very spacious and all are within close proximity to trails that take you straight to the beach and ocean.

I had the honor to write about our recent trip to Grayland Beach State Park for GoRVing.  There I shared our experiences of  razor clamming for the first time along with catching  Dungeness crab and enjoying starry nights.

Here is a direct link to my piece and I truly hope you enjoy it – and most of all, I hope it inspires you to find your Away :)

Link:  A Taste of Washington’s Coast


A Taste of Washington's Coast for #GoRVing via J5MM.com #AirstreamA Taste of Washington's Coast for #GoRVing via J5MM.com #AirstreamA Taste of Washington's Coast for #GoRVing via J5MM.com #AirstreamA Taste of Washington's Coast for #GoRVing via J5MM.com #AirstreamWACoastJ5MM_23 WACoastJ5MM_24As always, thank you very much for being here :) xoxo
~ Monica

May 042014

Suncadia and Tumble Creek in the Wenatchee National Forest Setting

When hubby and I first met, one of our very first trips taken together was to the Bennett cabin which is located next to the Wenatchee National Forest.  I’ve heard a lot about this cabin and how it took many, many years for the Bennett family to build, by hand — all themselves.  No machinery here, just pulley systems and lots of muscles to get the logs one on top of the other. Continue reading »

Jun 042013

Airstream trailer road trip and glamping around the Olympic National Park

Day two takes us north from beautiful Pacific Beach State Park to a day full of beach explorations, rainforest discoveries and settling into our new campsite.

Olympic Peninsula Loop Day 2 with our Airstream

Have a look at our beautiful Washington Coast.  With miles upon miles of undeveloped land, it is easy to sink in the vast beauty that is found here.  For me, this rest stop was special as I was really able to feel like I was “away from it all.” Continue reading »

May 292013

Airstream trailer road trip and glamping around the Olympic National Park

Airstream Road Trip Along the Olympic Peninsula at Pacific Beach State Park

The wonderful thing about Airstreaming this time of year is the amount of daylight hours you get :)  This means, for people who work during the day in the 9 to 5 rigamarole can still have a good chance at leaving right after work on a Friday while enjoying their new surroundings that evening if their destination is relatively close.

At least that’s how it is for me  . . . until I win the lottery and can afford to travel full time, while homeschooling B (he says he would LOVE it if we could do it).  Since I’m terrible at math I avoid buying lottery tickets — but every once in a while I do, lol :)

We arrived at Pacific Beach State Park / Campground in a few hours after leaving our home in Bellevue.  After we unhitched and set up, we took a walk on the beach and started to discuss how nice of a drive it was — and it was so close to our home.  We need to make trips like this more often.  It would be crazy not too we agreed! Continue reading »

Sep 072011

Lake Kachess.  Wow.  We are definitely coming back here.  This lake is amazingly huge, blue, deep and beautiful.  It is full of boaters, fisherman and kayakers.  Along the shore you will find families and friends gathering on blankets soaking up the sun while watching the children play in the sand and swim in the cool mountain lake.

Just a few steps away from our campsite was Lake Kachess.  We started our morning with a quick breakfast of a Chocolate Granola parfait and headed to the lake.  At the end of our day we were starving so I quickly caramelized some figs in the Airstream and topped a piece of crusty bread with Cambozola cheese and the caramelized figs atop a handful of spicy Arugula greens.  Heaven.

Lake Kachess and our Airstream Travel Trailer Explorations

Sep 052011

Plans were to head to Roslyn, WA for some camping.  Funny how things can change in an instant.  “Honey, would you mind if we checked out Keechelus Lake?” I asked Hubby as we drove towards this vast, beautiful body of water on I-90 (right after the Pass).  In the past we always saw an RV or camper here and there around the lake, so why not check it out?

As we drove down the road and towards the lake, we were welcomed by some very nice folks who have camped there before.  We decided to stay the night and what a night it was.  It is a very popular spot to watch the paragliders.  While hubby and B watched them, I headed into the Airstream to prepare a delicious dinner of sole fish accompanied by a panzanella bread salad.  Recipe will follow shortly.

If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend boondocking here.  It is quiet, peaceful and if you have a boat or kayak — bring it!  We are in the market for a kayak now so if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear it.

Off Road Boondocking on Keechelus Lake with our Airstream Travel Trailer

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