Mar 252013


It has been a little over three weeks since our return from McCall, Idaho.

In the next week as I wrap up our trip with you, I will be sharing some epic cat skiing adventures hubby went on as well as the Christmas/Pancake House that we dined at one evening.  Also I am excited to share with you everything about Skillet — the Airstream food truck that frequents Bellevue and Seattle with some of the most delicious, scrumptious food we have tasted.   Thanks to Skillet I was able to quickly and easily prepare some fantastic dinners with the help of my Airstream oven.  It was nice after long days filled with adventures to be able to retreat into our Airstream and pop dinner in the oven.

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Feb 062013

If you are a regular reader of J5MM you may have heard me mention that wintertime is my favorite time to be with my Airstream. Spending our days outdoors in the snow to retreat into our warm and cozy trailer at the end of the day is something hubby, B and I enjoy.   Once we get settled in, the boys either read or play games while I’m whipping up our apres-ski dinner menu.  Then after dinner we typically pull down the shades and watch a movie together.  This time it was especially enjoyable since we had our little pup Oliver with us.  He fits into our “wolf pack” Airstreaming family just perfectly!

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Jan 232013


We are going on three years of proudly being Airstreamer’s and I am STILL trying to get the inside organization of our trailer just right. During each trip I find things that I should have organized better in addition to finding things that I haven’t used in a long time. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time in my Airstream, with Oliver (♥) to help get things together in a practical organized way not only for our ski trip coming up, but for all future trips (but the ski trip definitely has me excited – 10 days of glamping in the snow).

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Feb 112012

For me, getting an Airstream travel trailer ready for a big ski trip is a lot of fun.  Planning the days, developing recipes for meals ahead and the prospect of what lie ahead is really, really exciting! I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me but I am definitely making progress.  Thank goodness I have a daily “to do,” checklist otherwise I may just fall apart with everything that needs to be accomplished prior to our departure.  I feel very much on track as of this very moment.

It was a big day for me getting the Airstream ready and I knew I would be hungry.  I was craving a salad . . .

At my local organic grocery store the other day,  I saw the most amazing vegetable I have ever seen.  The sign above the neatly piled stack of pale green bulbs read, “watermelon radish.”  There it was, sliced in half with the most beautiful pink inside.  The pink drew me in . . . how beautiful it was!  I also picked up some edible flowers that I could absolutely not resist.  The colors made me feel happy.  I love radishes and thought I have tasted every variety imaginable until this beauty caught my eye.  Excited I was!

Airstream trip preparations and organization and a watermelon radish salad for lunch

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Feb 242011

I absolutely adore this small space kitchen, sometimes I will even cook in it when the Airstream is at home.  Why?  The generous countertops, big double sinks, the abundant storage, the three range gas cooktop and my handy little oven with an awesome broiler (with real flames!) all contained in a small space for cooking simple meals – the same meals you cook at home can be a reality on the road.  For exampe, my little oven managed to cook a 10 pound Thanksgiving turkey, no problem!  Plus clean up is a breeze.  What I love about our Airstream’s kitchen is that everything has it’s place so there is no need to store/keep things all over your countertops.  Everything is literally right at your fingertips and using limited gadgets and appliances makes your happy cooking experience even more so.  Our Dometic fridge is also a great size where I have been able to keep upwards of 1 weeks worth of recipe’s perishables.


Nov 292010

Here is how I decorated our first Airstream — very different from our Airstream now but still very fun, I think :)


With gift card in hand I stepped into my local Anthropologie store. Wow. I couldn’t believe my eyes — so many beautiful and unique items from clothing to kitchen to gardening! Here are three things I brought home with me that I found fit so well on our Airstream.

Retro Kitchen Timer (and it’s orange!)

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Nov 072010

Here is a virtual tour movie I made last summer. Hubby says my hand looks like the “Thing” from the Adams Family – anyways . . .

Here are some interior shots I have taken of our Airstream over the past year.  As you can probably guess, I thoroughly enjoy decorating as she has gone through many different decorating schemes.  She currently is in the “sheepskin” phase as we are gearing up for our winter cat skiing adventure to Big Red Cats.  I hope you enjoy my pictures and also hope they will bring you some inspiration if you are thinking of redecorating your Airstream.

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