May 052015

Fabulous Finds for your RV Travel via // #AirstreamLifestyle

1  Opinel Kitchen Set // I was first introduced to Opinel when we stopped into Airstream of Spokane to have our first silver girl checked out to make sure she was road worthy for our ski trip to Rossland, BC.  Karen, co-owner of Airstream of Spokane gave me an Opinel knife as a gift.  She was so sweet and can I just say that if you are going to buy an Airstream — Airstream of Spokane is it.  You can see their true genuine caring of their customers on their Facebook page and I just can’t sing their praises high enough.  They CARE.  Truly care.  But back to these knives, they are good.  Really really good!

2.  Batiste Dry Shampoo // This is the best dry shampoo I have found to date.  It smells Heavenly and works really well.  I even use it after I wash my hair to add volume.  Dry shampoo and road trips go hand in hand :)

3.  Portable Fireplace & Grill // Someone once asked me during a twitter chat, what was important to me in a campsite.  For me, a perfectly placed fire ring is very important.  I know, it sounds silly but I can’t help it.  I’m especially picky over this if we camp in a place where there is a pristine view.   I want my view and perfectly placed campfire too.  Is that too much to ask?  If it is and we don’t score a campsite with this weird want of mine, maybe this portable fireplace will be the answer to my fire ring madness.

4.  Folding Hammock // And wouldn’t it be nice to have a folding hammock, next to a perfectly placed fire ring in a perfect campsite?  I would think so :)  This one looks good and I love the color ❤

Campsite with perfectly placed fire ring and a view like no other :)  Couldn’t help myself . . .

Thousand Trails Campground LaConner, Washington Site 164 via J5MM.comThank you for being here,
~ Monica xoxo

Apr 212015

Fabulous Finds For Your RV via // #Aistream Lifestyle

1.  Brass Key Ring // Keep your RV keys all rounded up in one place on this charming brass key ring – perfect for him or her :)

2.  Little Love Cotton Scarf // No road trip wardrobe is complete without a scarf and this one sits at the top of my wish list.  It looks airy, delicate and lovely and I think, would make a perfect Mother’s Day Gift (are you reading this hubby?)

3.  French Picnic Flatware Set // Just about the cutest cutlery for your next picnic outing.  The only problem is deciding what color and style.

4.  Parisian Froufrous Candies // Treat yourself to a fancy Parisian treat when you’re on your next road trip.  These Parisian hard candies come in a variety of apricot, cherry, raspberry, black currant, orange, plum, and quince and the box is simply adorable.

5.  Gemstone Magnet Set // These gemstone magnets are simply gorgeous and would easily add a dash of glam to your RV.

Hope you are having a lovely start to the week ;)  Happy Tuesday!


Monica Bennett via

PS  I happily scour the internet weekly to find these fabulous finds :)  I save a lot of them to my Pinterest Boards — do you follow me there?

Apr 072015

Fabulous Finds for your RV via // RV LIfestyle #Airstream Style

#1) Home Sweet Home Pillows —  be it to your home on wheels or your brick and mortar, these pillows are sure to brighten up any room.

#2) Did someone say “Ouch?” What a cute box for first aid supplies.  If I didn’t already have my little tackle box first aid kit, this box would certainly be on board the Airstream.

#3) Silicone over Porcelain Teapots because these are the real deal with a silicone protective cover.  Perfect for the road :)

#4) Kobenstyle Cookware — I have the smaller red one on board the Airstream and I love it.  The lid doubles as a trivet too, plus it’s red ❤

Hope you are having a wonderful start to the week xoxo

Monica Bennett via

Mar 242015

Fabulous Finds for your RV via // RV LIfestyle #Airstream Style

#One // This would make a lovely gift for the new RVer (or you) — a personalized platter.  Super Cute!  Find it here

#Two // Let these steak thermometers help you relax during your next cookout.  They’ll tell you when that expensive cut is at the perfect temp.  I know I’ll be buying these because I have overcooked one too many $$ steaks.  Hopefully this will be my grilling savior.  Find them here

#Three // Another great gift idea for the new RVer is this 10 piece kitchen gadget essential roll up kit.  Plus, it’s red :)  Find it here

#Four // I have a soft spot for stars and polka dots — these two tea towels are the perfect pair.  Love love love them.  Find them here

Hope you are having a lovely start to S P R I N G !!

Thank you for being here,
~ Monica xox

Oliver wishes you a fab week! 

Canine Wanderlust Strong #CanineWanderlust via // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

Mar 172015

Fabulous Finds for your RV via // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

#1) I like the idea of these silicone chip bowl dip hangers because you can vary the types of dip served to accompany a single bowl of chips :)  Find it here

#2) In my silver girl the sides/arms of the sofa are soft — this tray, I think, would be beneficial to add some stability :)  Find it here

#3) I have a soft spot for napkins like these — find these Irish Linen Napkins here

#4) A campfire tripod adds fun to your outdoor culinary adventures :)  I have had one now for a few years and I absolutely love it.  I’d love to find a “grill grate” to hang from it from those times when campsite fire rings come without one.  Find this tripod here

I hope that you are having a nice week so far :)  Only four more days until Friday!

Thank you for being here and I hope you have a lovely St. Patricks Day :)
Monica xoxo

Campfire Cooking Tripod via Campfire Cooking Tripod via

Mar 102015

Fabulous Finds for your RV via // RVing Lifestyle #Airstream Style

1) I ❤ Kristiana Spaulding and if you haven’t seen her glorious Airstream inspired jewelry collection, I encourage you to have a look.  She also makes darling little charms for your fur babies too.  Have a peek here

2) Another way to clean your cast iron skillets.  It really looks super duty (yet it says you can also wash glassware? They must be right with all the positive feedback).  Find it here.

3) I bought this.  I have used it.  I love it.  From whipping cream to blending smoothies and crepe batter, I couldn’t live without it.  Find it here.

4) I have hand washed laundry before on the Airstream and when I do, I feel like I am wasting so much water in addition to not getting our clothes clean enough.  I have a feeling the Laundry Pod may solve that dilemma.  Find it here

Thank you for being here — I hope you find some of these items useful!

Oliver wishes you a happy rest of the week *woof* !


Oliver wearing his Lucky Little Trailer Pendant from Kristiana Spaulding of // #Airstream

Mar 032015

Fabulous Finds Your RVing and Outdoor Adventures via // RVing Lifestyle Airstream StyleFabulous Finds Your RVing and Outdoor Adventures via // RVing Lifestyle Airstream StyleI’ve discovered a new love and that’s my (#1) Pocket Rocket Stove.  Small but incredibly mighty it’s capable of boiling two cups of water in less than 30 seconds.  We fired it up on many occasions during our recent trip along the Washington Coast with the the sole purpose of warming our chilly bones after days spent on windswept beaches.  I am here to tell you, if you don’t already know, a cup of hot tea or cocoa on demand, whenever you wish is quite a treat.  That cute little stove wouldn’t be complete without my little adventure cook set that I now proudly own by (#2) Stanley.  Those two green cups you see there stack together and fit inside of the stainless steel canister and travel in my pack ever so conveniently.  Speaking of my beloved pack, it is the (#3) LowePro Camera Backpack.  It sports a dedicated side padded compartment specifically for a DSLR camera which keeps mine nice and secure until I need to use it.  If you’re a photographer who loves outside adventuring, I can’t recommend it enough (plus hello built-in rain jacket, how perfect).  Lastly I wanted to share Oliver’s new sweater with you.  It’s from the canine sweater company called (#4) Chilly Dog Sweaters.  In this photo, Oliver is sporting the “Retro Ski Sweater,” complete with a pom-pom decorated hoodie.  His lead is a another fun design by (#4) Fab Dog and I think it matches his sweater perfectly.  I also want to mention that I never thought I would have a dog with such a wardrobe of sweaters, but they are necessary.  Absolutely necessary.  Even the slightest chill in the air and my little scruffy pup starts shivering.  Don’t be fooled by all that fancy hair because that’s just about all he has — he lacks a good sturdy undercoat so the sweaters must prevail.  He’s a rather good sport about it too (or at least I’d like to think so).

Thank you for being here,
Monica xoxo

Fabulous Finds Your RVing and Outdoor Adventures via // RVing Lifestyle Airstream Style

Feb 102015

Perfect Little Table for your RV via // RV Lifestyle Airstream Style

I’m absolutely smitten with that little white table you see there.  I found it at Ikea and I think it will work out fabulously in our Airstream.  It is adjustable in height and isn’t heavy at all.  You can find it here.

Fabulous Finds for your RV via // RV Lifestyle Airstream Style

This pillow makes me smile with it’s pop of yellow and warm welcome

Spring is right around the corner which means spring cleaning!  When it’s time, these biodegradable cleaners will be my choice of weapon for my silver girl.

I hope you have been enjoying Fab Finds Tuesday ♥ I look forward to bringing your more fab finds when we come back from our upcoming road trip.  I plan on actively tweeting, instagramming and facebooking if you would like to tag along.

Happy Tuesday!

With love,
Monica xx

Feb 032015

Fabulous Finds For Your RV via // RV Lifestyle Airstream Style

1) Add some down home charm to your home on wheels with this really cute Happiness Pillow 

2) Finally, a fully collapsible outdoor table that is not only practical for RVing but also rather stylish.  The pattern has a modern vibe — I love it.

3) I have a weakness for bowls that have little legs and this one stole my heart.  Keep it on your RV kitchen counter filled with colorful fruit and do like me, when it’s time to tow, wrap it in a towel and keep it in your sink for safe travel (and don’t forget to turn off your water pump before towing, trust me)

4) Keep track of your RV travels and notes from the road with this very appropriate journal (and check out her other styles too).  Adventure Awaits!

Thank you for being here and happy Tuesday !!

Monica ♥

Jan 272015

Fabulous RV Road Trip Finds via // RV Lifestyle Airstream Style

1) This is one big apple pancake and I’m definitely going to make it while on our winter trip in Montana

2) Possibly the cutest marshmallow roasting stick I have ever seen ❤

3) I am obsessing over these blankets — made from the same materials found in premium sleeping bags and puffy jackets — I bet they’d keep our Montana exploring selves nice and warm even in the coldest outdoor camping adventures :)

. . . and this picture has my heart.  #4) A winter campfire — what could be better?

Happy Tuesday to you!

Monica xoxo