Nov 132012

Every. Single. Weekend.

Those are the days over the past summer that I was lucky enough to spend here in the San Juan Islands helping spread the word on J5MM about how lovely these islands truly are.

Hubby and B were even luckier.  They vacationed here all summer and were always on time to pick me up at the ferry landing of whatever island we happened to be on.  Our last island to spend time on was none other than Lopez.

“Mommy do you remember when we made the forts on Spencer’s Spit?”  B asks me this over dinner last night.

Hubby and I glance up at each other and together our minds go back to that wonderful time. Continue reading »

Nov 292011

Hubby, B and I awoke Thanksgiving morning to awe inspiring gale-force winds that literally shook the Airstream like a maple leaf being torn from its tree. The Doe Bay Resort retreat tearfully was at a seasonal transition to winter destinations. We were both honored and grateful to be their guests for one of the most memorable times in our lives. I don’t think there is one particular highlight one can single out about Doe Bay. It is the synchronicity between all its moving parts. The spectacular coastline exposure, inspiring views, hot pools, sauna, yoga facilities and classes, the culinary artistry at the Cafe, and most importantly, its friends and family. We will miss you dearly, Doe Bay.  Thank you for the incredible, life changing experience.  Heaven on Earth this is. xoxo.

We now slowly make our way back to the mainland. Our very last stop in the San Juan Islands is Lopez Island.  Odlin County Park, to be specific.  To celebrate Thanksgiving.  A simple meal prepared on our Airstream.  Just the three of us.

Here we are in the Orcas Island ferry line on that stormy morning.  What a peculiar sight!  No one here but us . . .

Orcas Island Ferry Line Thanksgiving 2011

Orcas Island Inter Island Ferry to Lopez

Odlin County Park, Lopez Island

The ferry you see in the distance, stopped to enjoy the view of our Christmas tree and our silver, shiny Airstream as well, I am sure . . .

Thanksgiving on Lopez Island, Odlin County Park, WA State

Wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy holiday season.


May 102011

What a special treat.

Grammy award winning artist Dave Matthews and his lovely wife along with their darling twin girls were spending their Mother’s Day at one of their favorite venues as we were in the San Juan Islands.

It would be just as you would imagine having your family and friends over for a Sunday afternoon BBQ with hot dogs, s’mores, fruit salad, etc.  I hope we are not tarnishing his Rock Star image.

Finishing off the experience of a lifetime with a “Shallow Bay – Sucia Island Stylesunset, we said our good-bye’s awakening the next morning as if it were a dream.

We are spellbound and rocked by David Matthews.  We took no photos in respect of David and Ashley’s friends, family and the Islands.

Nov 292010

Went for a hike to the beach through Obstruction Pass State Park and found remnants of a pine tree all over the ground after the wind storm.  Decided to make a miniature Christmas tree for our Airstream using seashells for ornaments and some seaweed/kelp for tinsel.  It was the most beautiful tree ever.

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Nov 292010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we decided to opt out of the traditional big family get together and celebrate the holiday on our Airstream, just the three of us up on the San Juan Islands here in Washington State.  I have been very excited about the idea of cooking a traditional Thanksgiving feast in a small space on our Airstream and I am happy to say everything turned out perfectly.  As a matter of fact, I think this is probably the best Thanksgiving dinner I have ever made.

We shopped at Orcas Homegrown Market & Deli for our (special) turkey.  This is an incredible market as they carry everything you can possibly imagine from exotic hard to find herbs to fresh caught seafood and a plethora of meticulously arranged produce.

Our Thanksgiving menu consisted of roast turkey, baked mashed potatoes and brown sugar glazed carrots along with my own cranberry sauce and gravy.

Probe thermometer, makes life a little easier.

Our turkey from Shelton’s thanks to Orcas Homegrown Market & Deli.  I should mention that never, ever again will I buy a turkey that is not organic/free range.  After years of buying supermarket turkey’s, this one was so different in every way.  The texture of the meat was so long and lean and incredibly tender; there was literally no fat to trim and the taste was something I have never experienced before.


Fully prepped — btw, that is my iPad in the background with the best (in my opinion) recipe organizer app called Paprika.

I didn’t follow the roasted turkey recipe exactly.  I subsitutted sage and rosemary from my garden and I didn’t melt the butter.  Instead (since the turkey was so lean) I put pats of butter under the skin of the breast.

My simple cranberry sauce — just a bag of cranberries, one squeezed orange, two cinnamon sticks and about one cup of light brown sugar.

Put all ingredients into a pot and bring to boil and cook until you reach a consistency that is to your preference.

Boiled potatoes before being smashed into mashed….

Carrots cooking away in my new cast iron skillet

Potatoes “after”

Happy Thanksgiving and Bon Appetit!