Dec 242012

We live about 10 minutes outside of downtown Seattle.  Hubby has lived here all of his life and as for me, I am going on 15+ years.  In those 15 years I still feel a little ashamed that I have yet to explore so many places in this wonderful city of ours.  There is so much here that people come from all over the world to visit.  The tourist scene in downtown the other day was amazing.  People were everywhere and of course the number one place to go when you are visiting is the infamous Pike Place Market.

Here is where you will find fresh seafood, fruits and veggies galore as well as bakeries, pie shops, butcher shops and so much more!

Today we were on a mission to not only re-connect with Seattle but also pick up some fresh lobster tails for a Christmas Eve lunch of lobster and corn chowder.  I cooked this up in my Airstream in my driveway at my home :) Recipe is here; however, I made some changes which are as follows:

  1. I used three lobster tails instead of two
  2. 5 cups of lobster stock (which you can find here) instead of 3 cups chicken stock and 3 cups clam juice
  3. Before I poured the stock in, I added a tablespoon of flour sprinkled and then combined with the ingredients to “thicken” the soup
  4. Did not use sour cream
  5. Added Thyme to taste

Nase Vanoce (“Our Christmas” in Czech)

This was my little book when I was younger.  Every Christmas it would come out and I would flip through the cardboard pages and look at the illustrations as they themselves told the story.  No words needed.  It was definitely my favorite book and still is.  Now I pass it onto B for his eyes to explore and his mind to imagine . . .

Tonight we are home and everything is quiet.  It’s nice.

We are wishing you a safe, happy and bright filled Christmas Day tomorrow. XOXO ♥♥♥

New Years Eve is still a week away but I definitely know my resolution:  Explore Seattle and truly appreciate this beautiful city.

Photographs by Monica Bennett


  5 Responses to “Christmas is Coming”

  1. The market and downtown are the best this time of year. I miss Seattle very much and I look forward to more of your explorations of the emerald city.

  2. Oh that Lobster looks divine!!!!!

  3. What could be better? Airstreams, adventures and gourmet food and now SEATTLE too? Wife and I love your blog! Keep ’em coming.

  4. We have a 69′ Overlander that we are in the process of remodeling. Your blog and photography are simply inspiring for our journey ahead. I really like the way you decorated your Airstream. Maybe you can come and help me? I live in Oaklahoma haa haa

  5. Looking forward to the recipe, looks delicious.

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