Nov 172011

Sunrise on Orcas Island – Doe Bay Resort

Sunrise at Doe Bay Resort, Orcas Island

Taking in the early chilly morning . . .

Beautiful Doe Bay

Yoga with Luca and a breathtaking view . . . .

Doe Bay Yoga with Luca

Pathways to serenity . . .

When you are hungry, the Doe Bay Cafe will surely please.  An organic, “seed-to-table,” menu is absolutely incredible.

Chef Jon Chapelle working his magic . . .

Doe Bay Cafe

There is also breakfast at the Doe Bay Cafe . . .

Doe Bay Cafe Breakfast

To relax your body and mind — the Doe Bay soaking tubs and sauna . . .

Doe Bay Soaking Tubs

Doe Bay Camp Sites

Doe Bay offers cozy, comfortable cabins with sweeping views . . .

Cozy Cabins at Doe Bay

The garden is amazing and provides the Doe Bay Cafe with a plethora of fresh, organic ingredients.

Doe Bay Garden

For us, it was all done Airstream style . . .

  7 Responses to “Beautiful Doe Bay Resort”

  1. Beautiful photos Monica! Really makes me miss that place. We used to tent camp out on Lone Pine when the weather was good, and rent one of the little rustic cabins in the off season (pre-Airstream). Such great memories. Looks like we should make some more, soon!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. These photos leave me speechless, Monica!! We don’t have an Airstream but we are definitely going to check this place out. Beautiful!!

  3. Could you share what camera you use? Thank you. I love Orcas Island! Im from Seattle and live in Lynnwood. Also could you please post your Christmas cookie recipes? Thank you, Susan

  4. Great pictures, that area looks very serene and peaceful. Thanks for sharing!

  5. So beautiful. Thank you for the post. I am putting this on our list of places to visit. I don’t think 5 more minutes with our airstream is enough. ;-)

  6. Going to Doe Bay for this first time in July, in our 24 ft. motorhome. Love your photos!

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