May 262015

Fabulous Finds for your RVing Travels via // #Airstream

1.  I may just swap out my white dish soap dispenser for this one, because it’s just too cute.

2.  To market, to market, to market we go, but not without this very chic Parisian Cotton Net Bag

3.  If the market is calling and we have our bicycle, then this pannier would be perfect.  Btw — I can’t get enough of panniers for my bike, I have a problem collecting them, like I have a problem collecting handbags.

4.  Speaking of pannier/handbag/bag addictions, I wish I would have had this bag on our white water rafting trip through Hells Canyon last summer — would have been perfect!

Hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday and as always, thank you for being here :)

With all my heart,
Monica ♥

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