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Note:  I fell off the Fabulous Finds bandwagon but am wrangling to get back on! 

Airstream Chopping Board

Gosh, I am in LOVE with how this turned out!  I had a hand in the design process and AHeirloom really took my idea and turned it into pure perfection! My plan will be to chop on the opposite side of the board and save the beautiful engraving front as a display piece when not in use.  If you’d like to order one of these for your silver kitchen, you can contact Amy at AHeirloom here.

Airstream Cutting Board by AHeirloom via J5MM.com

Three Sisters Mountain Pillow

While out photographing a multifamily property not too long ago, I came across this pillow sitting pretty on a sofa in one of the apartment units.  I have been wanting this particular pillow for the longest while and after seeing it in person, I promptly went home and ordered it up!  If you would like this pillow, please visit ThreeBadSeeds on Etsy :)

Mountain Pillow by ThreeBadSeeds on Etsy via J5MM.com


If you haven’t heard of the Best Made Company, let me tell you a little about them.  When they make something, they make it right and they make it last.  The proof is my little pot you see behind my two new cups!  I have used that pot for everything from porridge in the mornings for B to thick sticky sauces for ribs to deep frying breakfast pumpkin fritters and each and every time, that little pot comes out shining like its brand new.  Also after all the bumps while towing, I am happy to report not a single chip.  This enamelware is built strong and built to last.  Anyhow — when I saw the cups (that are bigger than the average cup on their site) I knew I had to have them.  If you’d like a set of cups, you find find them here You can find the cute pot, here.

Enamelware from Best Made Co via J5MM.com

Here is a picture of my new cutting board for my kitchen also created by AHeirloom.  This measures 20″ x 23″ and fits perfectly.  I have been wanting a cutting board the spans the width of the counter top so I would have one big working surface and finally my search for the perfect board came to an end.  It is engraved with geometric triangles that reminds me of the mountains here in the Pacific Northwest.  I am so pleased!

Airstream Kitchen via J5MM.comAnd that wraps up my Fabulous Finds for this Tuesday :)  I hope you’ve enjoyed this special over due post!

Thank you for being here friends,

Monica xx

  8 Responses to “Fabulous Finds: 4.5.16”

  1. OMG the cutting board is too cute! Congrats!
    And yes, I will be ordering those cups & pots now too – I got the smaller ones you posted from your Montana visit as well!

    Thanks for all the good finds.

    • I was so happy with the outcome of that cutting board! Happy you like it :) You will love the cups and pot — really good quality I tell you! Hugs to you xoxo and HAPPY TRAVELS sister!

  2. I’m always impressed with your beautiful home! It serves as great inspiration to me. May I ask, have you a blog post to show how you pack everything away when you are traveling? Do your magnetized knives/seasoning holders stay in place even over bumpy roads?

  3. Nice to see you easing into a picture just showing half of your face at a time. You have green eyes but I call that stare “blue steel” when I do it. I think it is from Zoolander but I always hear Kathy Griffin saying it to Anderson Cooper to make him uncomfortable. The cutting board is most excellent and I am a big fan of the Best Made Company. I still haven’t pulled the trigger on those exquisite axes they sell even though I could justify based on the amount of wood I chop at home and on Airstream trips.

    • You always make me laugh Mr. Trout! You are just too dang funny :) Had to read this to hubby!! I agree on the Axe, I want it SO BAD but the justification part is what gets me.

  4. Will definitely be checking out the Best Made Company when I get on a computer with a newer browser than what i’m using. I’m thinking “Christmas Presents”….+ a set of cups for me! :D

    • Check out their Bandana’s too — I use them from everything to dish towels, napkins, etc. Plus they dry super fast and they are really cute!

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