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Black Truffled Deviled Eggs

It happened just days before Christmas of 2013.

I was perusing the isles of my favorite Asian grocery store when I took a double take.  There in front of me, all lined up in a row were tiny individual packages of black truffles.

“Black Truffles?  Really?” I thought to myself.  I could hardly believe my eyes.

Truffles are fungi that grow just under the surface close to the roots of specific trees such as oaks, Douglas-firs, pines and a few others.  They are earthy, delicate, fragrant and known to be very expensive.

I was so curious as to the origin of these truffles I had to ask — and in return I got a little education.  These truffles are recognized as “Oregon” truffles.  Unlike their European counterparts which can cost upwards of $1,500 per pound — these little beauties grow all over the Pacific Northwest from Oregon up into British Columbia and are not quite as expensive ($400/lb).  Since they don’t weigh much you don’t need much and a little goes a long way.  For that single black truffle you see I paid $15.00.  I even had enough of him left over to grind up with some sea salt to make truffle salt too.

So on that day in my Asian grocery store, I brought home my very first black truffle ever.  I placed him on my kitchen counter and sat down to just admire him and wonder what recipe I could use him in.  Then it dawned on me — eggs and truffles, together — somehow . . .

And so it was for our Christmas celebration when a nice platter of black truffled deviled eggs graced my countertop . . .

And everyone went “WOW,” over them.  They were AMAZING.  They were HEAVENLY.  No wait, they were SINFULLY DELICIOUS.

And just a few days ago, I went back to that Asian grocery store and guess what?  I bought another black truffle and I decided to make them again and share the recipe with you ♥

Black Truffled Deviled Eggs via J5MM.com

And even though I just went crazy explaining to you how heavenly these truffles are — I do want to mention that black truffles are not necessary here but if you do have access to them, I would definitely go for it.   This deviled egg recipe is absolutely delicious without them — and if you make them, you’ll see what I mean :)

Black Truffle Deviled Eggs

So if you’re hosting a party, or want something special for your sweetheart on Valentines day — I think these would be perfect ♥

Black Truffled Deviled Eggs via J5MM.com

Black Truffle Deviled Eggs via J5MM.com

  4 Responses to “Five Or Less Friday: Sinful Black Truffled Deviled Eggs”

  1. Those truffles are beautiful. I have never seen one in a store in my neck of the woods. I will look for them on Amazon Prime drone delivery. I love deviled eggs. That recipe looks like a serious winner to me. These new recurring posts are inspiring. Keep them up.

    • Now there’s an idea for Amazon — Direct Black Truffle Drone Delivery Service — serious LOL over here !! Now go and make these for Melizza stat XOXO

  2. Thank you for the education! I had no idea how much those little guys are! I haven’t see them either but will keep a look out for them. Thanks for your post, always a pleasure!

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