Apr 062016

Deep cleaning your RV via J5MM.com

We’ve had some pretty perfect weather around here in Washington.  Mid to upper 60’s and tomorrow, oh my — we are going to be in the 80s!  When the weather turns from dreary, rainy and grey to beautiful and sunshiney, I am all about Spring cleaning.  I put on some tunes, open up all the windows in the Airstream and get busy.

Spring Cleaning your RV via J5MM.com Spring Cleaning your RV via J5MM.comIf you’d like to see the method to my spring cleaning madness, head on over to GoRVing’s blog, The Scenic Route and see how it’s done.  Hope to see you there and I do hope you are having a lovely Spring!

Monica xx

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  1. Great photography and cute cleaning buddies :)

  2. I love it! Such amazing photos (as always). Yes I will be working on our spring cleaning of the trailer (too) – we are scheduled to go to Yellowstone for the week at the end of May. Looking forward to it!

    Funny too, you have the hammock out, I bought mine, just need to get the metal frame, but I realized the hammock I ordered is much longer than the standard.

    • Thank you Laura! I’m so jealous — Yellowstone was such a memorable trip for us. Where are you camping in Yellowstone? May is just around the corner you lucky girl!!! What hammock did you order? Would like to see! Maybe I can help you find a stand for it.

  3. So glad to see your post, as well as your shiny clean Airstream! I miss your “fabulous finds” posts on Tuesdays. You always find the best little niche items and shops and I have been looking for inspiration lately.

    Our Airstream is coming out of storage this week and Minnesota is looking forward to 75 and sunny here on Saturday! I am headed over to your article now for a little cleaning inspiration– thank you.

    Woo-hoo! Look out world, camping season is nearly upon us!

    • This totally made my day — thanks for the positive words about my fabulous finds, means so much! Sometimes I feel like my posts go into outerspace so to hear you enjoy them makes my day. Happy travels to you this weekend — that is some PERFECT weather!! Hugs to you xx

  4. Hola senora. I am so ready for some Airstream spring cleaning. My sponges are not adorable but they will suffice for the job. Ethan and I are going to apply a much needed Walbernizing treatment to the exterior. We are aching to go out in the Airstream even though we just returned from Mexico. We are taking the Airstream to Jack’s first crew regatta in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to an eventful camping season in a clean Airstream. Thanks for some inspiration.

    • Let me ask you, does Ethan willingly help you with the Walbernizing treatment? Bradley is now 12 and I am thinking this would not be a fun task for him! ALSO, I remember how you once told me that one must have the skills of a wild life photographer to take photos of pre-teen kids. I am finding this to be TRUE. I always think of you when I try and take a picture of B and he resists so I have to ambush him to get a shot lol Anyways — thanks as always for commenting, I look forward to them! Have a great trip to Jack’s regatta!

      • Ethan is excited to help. He is always eager to work. I wish I could clone him for that characteristic while
        excluding others less desirable ones. Watch the video from Colonial Airstream on Walbernizing. It looks like fun. We’ll see. As for the photography, it only gets worse. I just posted a few Mexico entries on my blog in the past couple days. Take special notice of Jack and his lack of smiling. He is a happy kid but won’t smile in a photo until the braces come off. The only time you will see a smile is when I make him laugh. I am batting .250 on the while holding a camera but I never stop trying. It is a numbers game. B should definitely help mom out. He has to have some skin in the game.

        • Yeah, I think its time for B to have some skin in the game! He’s about to get braces too — that should be an interesting time to photograph him as he is definitely not looking forward to the experience. My trick with B, to get him to laugh, is to tell him, “Okay now B, try not to look so happy. I mean, Seriously? Whatever you do, don’t laugh, that would for sure ruin the pic!” That always gets him lol :) Off to read your Mexico posts!!

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