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I would slow down my pace as I walked Oliver past this sweet Airstream  during our visit to Crystal Mountain a few weeks back.  Just a few sites down from us, this Airstream captured my heart and I was absolutely dying to see the inside.  Fortunately I didn’t have to stalk the Airstream too long before owner Jenn opened up the front door and I was able to introduce myself to her.  She gave me a tour and shared her future vision of the interior with me.  I tell ya, I left completely inspired — and, goodness, does she have great taste!  If you look at the photo below, the front portion of the Airstream where you see the silver insulation — that will be covered with beautiful copper sheets and instead of having one dinette table, Jenn and her hubby Shane plan on installing two tables that can raise/lower to suit different situations — a coffee table and a dinette table both at the same time.  Very clever!  The interior is very light and bright that is complemented with beautiful white enamel pieces and copper accents.

This is not your typical Airstream however, this beautiful trailer’s sole purpose is that of a ski lodge.  Outfitted with a bench to store ski boots and a row of hooks to hang up ski attire (all which dry quickly thanks to the most adorable wood burning stove), this Airstream is an RVing skier’s dream come true.

Jenn was so sweet to send me a list of links to all of her favorite items she has in her trailer — to share with you because she believes in supporting all the local small vendors and local makers, “I’m happy to share,” she wrote.

So without further ado, let’s begin the tour!  

Hello sweet Huxley!!  This big boy was such a sweetheart.  Just love him ♥

Gorgeous enamelware . . . 

This big beautiful silver pot is actually an olive oil container that Jenn uses to hold drinking water.  There is no running water onboard, which makes logical sense since freezing pipes is a big concern for fellow RVers who camp in winter.  

Just look at all these cute accents!  I love that little stove and the wall of hooks is so practical.    Jenn lit the stove and within minutes we could feel the toasty heat — I was so surprised at how quickly it warmed up the Airstream.  

To help distribute the heat around the interior, Jenn placed this cast iron fan ontop of the stove.  The heat from the stove, powered that little fan.  I’ve never seen anything like that before — so neat!

Thanks Jenn for touring me around your Airstream.  I’m just so smitten with your taste in decor — and THANK YOU for my cute little red bread box!  Best gift ever.  Ever ever ever.  Thank you!

 . . . . and here begins the generous list of links that Jenn sent along — lots of great stuff!!


Kaico teapot 
Kaico drip kettle on the wood burning stove 
Kaico canisters 
Brushes and Brooms from Burstenhaus Redecker from Germany 
can be purchased at Brookefarm General Store or  Kaufman Mercantile 
White dust pan
Tibetan sheepskin pillows
Woolrich blanket 
Copper hooks in windows
Brass hanging votive holders from 
Tosca storage basket
Falcon enamelware 
Plates, mugs, tumblers, serving trays
Copper dog bowls
Waxed canvas dog placemat
Suede pot holders 

  11 Responses to “Jenn & Shane’s Cozy Ski Chalet”

  1. Omg omg beautiful! I have the fan, we use on our wood stove at home. It really works great. I love counter space and the Airstream has plenty. Great photos, thank you

  2. OMG, absolutely love this! I have been dreaming of buying an Airstream and being a ski bum so love seeing some of their solutions. I do have a couple of questions, where do they store their skis? And since there is no running water, what do they use for bathroom facilities?

    • From Jenn:

      “We put the bedroom where the original bathroom was. So for now we do not have a bathroom, and we make the big walk to the lodge. Huxley does get the benefit of going on many bathroom walks.

      Putting in a bathroom is most certainly in the plans. I have my eyes on the composting toilets like

      The skis will go in the future bathroom that will have a nice drain for the snow to melt. For now skis are stored either in the back of our truck or tucked under our trailer. “

  3. Love this Airstream Monica. Love to read about winter camping. My husband says no way! I would love to try it as long as I have electricity. This AS is so cozy and sweet as is yours. It is minimalist. Love the tiny fireplace. That is all I would need and maybe an electric blanket and my two yorkies Abbey Road and Penny Lane. Oh and hubby. Thanks for sharing. Louise

    • I’m with you Louise — an electric blanket really made our last trip that much more comfortable. Sorry I didn’t think of bringing one a long sooner, was a complete game changer.

  4. Seriously Monica, you had to show me this one? LOL Tell Jenn we’d LOVE to rent her airstream for the winter (but NEED dog included)! Boyfriend is hoping to get another Bernese.

    Thank you (and Jenn) for sharing.

    Always a fan,

    • Had to smile — always love reading your comments ♥ Going to google Bernese puppies now — tell boyfriend to get one and then come and visit me!

  5. Awesome… I love the fact that Jenn sent the link to products. :) thanks for sharing

  6. Very nice ! Thanks for sharing…. winter adds a whole new dimension to camping.

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