Feb 262016

RV Fridge Organization via J5MM.com #Airstream #GoRVingRV Meal Planning via J5MM.com I recently wrote a piece for GoRVing sharing how I go about meal planning and organizing the RV fridge.  If you’re curious to see the method to my madness, please travel with me here: “How To Pack Your RV Fridge For a Week Long Road Trip.”

Thank you friends, for being here – and there :)

Monica xoxo

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  1. There you go again making every other RV fridge look bad Monica. We just empty our fridge at home in a a mad rush like those kids in the movie Red Dawn raiding the General Surplus store. Then we transfer it to our Airstream fridge. After that, we come home and I put everything back in our home fridge. What was that link about planning again? That is not completely true. Melizza is very organized but we prefer to bring what we have at home and buy whatever is local along the way. That would put us right on trend with the buy local mantra. We drive a big SUV and tow 7700 pounds to buy fresh and local. Good to see you posting again.

  2. I am so happy to have found your blog! Your refrigerator tips are the best. We just bought our first camper and are so excited. We dreamed of an Airstream but opted for a hybrid Zodiac instead. The goal is an Airstream in retirement. I subscribed and look forward to more of your adventures!

  3. Dear Monica! Thank you for this very informative post. I am looking at a little 25 foot International Signature, which is all my truck can pull, and will be perfect for me and my three dogs. Hopefully she will be mine by the summer. But in the meantime, I can start collecting my fridge containers and get ready.

    You are such a blessing! Thank you.


    • Janet — you are just about the sweetest :) I think a 25′ Airstream would be just the perfect and very comfortable size for you and three fur babies. I’m sending positive vibes for bringing her home this summer. I’ll be working on compiling that list on Pinterest for you for the containers. Something else I should have mentioned in my article is that the containers also keep food odors at bay, which is a huge plus IMO. Thank you for being here ♥

  4. These were really good tips Monica! I especially liked using the vertical space by handing frozen fruit on hooks in the freezer. Soon my fridge will look like an organized bento box too! Thanks so much!

  5. Thank you so much for your blog ! We took our 27FB international on a six week trip last year and I copied your meal planning sheet . I planned out all six weeks ( with a few times eating out ! ) . It was so helpful ! Now I am planning on organizing my frig in a much better fashion thanks to you !

  6. Love this! Now I just need you to show me how to pack the closets, drawers, bathroom, and wardrobe! We’ve had our 25′ FB for 8 years and I’m still learning!

    • Oh believe me, I am still learning too! Especially the bathroom and the storage behind the mirror and under the sink — those are my two biggest challenges. I will conquer them, am determined lol :) Thanks for being here, loved your comment!

  7. Hi Monica. Love your tips, photos and recipes! We are new to the Airstream family and find I am becoming a victim of the dreaded black hole in the fridge (how this happens in a fridge this size is beyond me lol). I hope I can take a few of your tips and incorporate them to our fridge in a couple of weeks. On a side note, I love your fruit/vegetable counter top tier!! Where might I get one of these?? Thanks again and safe travels always.

  8. Awesome Post – Thank you for the inspiration – Now I know what to do, so the contents of the freezer stop cascading out…and landing on me! LoL!
    Just one question:
    I can see that your snack container is from Lock n Lock, but the plain clear ones? ~ who manufactures/sells those ones?
    (hoping I can find such nicely rectangular ones, which fit so perfectly in the fridge, here in Canada…)
    Oh, and one huge favour…can you post your second week of recipes? Dying to know what other tasty bits we can make on the go!
    You always inspire me to go one step further in planning ahead, and venturing into new foodie territory.
    Thanks Again,
    Monica xoxo

    • Sister! So happy to hear you have your silver girl :) I’ve been thinking about you lately and here you are! I will compile a list of those bpa-free bins for you, it’s actually been a request I’ve had from several other people as well. You also saved me a trip the store to figure out who makes my snack bin — you are right, it is lock n lock! Funny how things like this work out.

      Would love to know where you took your first trip to?

      Your soul sister xx

      • Hope you had a great Easter, dear Sister ~ Hugs to you!
        Thank you again for posting the bins on Pinterest. Glad I saved you a trip to the store – we are definitely on the same wavelength :)

        We spent 6 months living in “The Breeze” (our 1963) on a friend’s farm, here in Kelowna. Visited by Cows, Donkeys & Bears, oh my! Now, Walter bought a small site at the RV Resort on Duck Lake, so we can keep “The Gale” (our 1977) there as Home Base, here in the Okanagan. It still has no cabinetry, as the quote I received was at $30,000! EEEEEK! I was SO disappointed. So we are now hunting for Antiques to fit & create our interior “cabinetry” from scratch – we may have to go Antique shopping in Seattle soon! (oh darn!)

        The plan is that “The Breeze” will take us to Eastern Canada & USA this Summer. Then we will travel across the Southern States in the Winter, and come up the West Coast in the early Spring. (We really MUST get together along the way!) I still have to purchase a camera & set up a blog,etc. for our travels. Already started with Instagram, but need a catchy, simple handle for it all…don’t want to just have it under my name…Needs Branding! Love Branding! Should have studied Graphic Arts…

        Have a great week ahead, and know that I am thinking of you too.
        As always, looking forward to your next post(s) and beautiful photos…

        Your Soul Sister,
        M xoxo

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