Feb 182013

We woke up early this past Saturday morning and hit the road with Airstream in tow with a b-line in mind to the town of McCall in stunning Idaho.

I have never been to Idaho. Hubby has been telling me for years how beautiful the state is and when we arrived, I was in complete awe. The scenery here is just something that if you have not had the opportunity to experience, should be added to your bucket list.

The mountains, the rivers, the wide open spaces and how they all come together is completely breathtaking.

We are staying at the McCall RV Resort and the amenities here are perfect! Full hookups and they refill your propane tanks for you! There is an indoor pool with hot tub and full work out facility right at our Airstream’s door steps. Nice and so convenient!

Since Saturday we have experienced skiing at Brundage Mountain Resort and have met some of the nicest people around. Everyone here in McCall is very proud of this town and they are happy to share their love for it with anyone who will listen.

I look forward to sharing with you more of our adventures in depth here on J5MM but in the meantime if you would like you can follow our updates on J5MM’s facebook page and click like if you too would like to experience what we have so far { http://www.facebook.com/J5MMAirstream }.

Tomorrow we are experiencing a snowmobiling adventure to hot springs! We had to take Oliver to the “Happy Dog Inn” where he is surely being pampered beyond belief by wonderful Auntie Barbara. I did try and figure out the logistics of bringing him along on the snowmobile but since I have never snowmobiled before and since it is FREEZING cold while you are underway I opted for Ollie to stay in a warm cozy home. Ugh, we miss him. Especially B.

We also have a lot of fine dining, brewery tours and art galleries along with other outdoor winter adventures to share with you that the town of McCall offers.

I also look forward to strolling the town and taking as many pictures as I can to help you get a sense of how it truly is here. Magical!

Thank you for following and I hope you like what we are up to because it is our mission to share with you what this wonderful town has to offer so if you do come to McCall, you’ll have a great sense of places to go and things to do!


McCall Trip Roundup:

Part 1: Arriving ♥
Part 2: McCall Town Guide ♥
Part 3: Skiing Brundage Mountain and Apres-Ski at the Shore Lodge ♥
Part 4: A Snowmobile Adventure to the Burgdorf Hot Springs and Beyond ♥
Part 5: A Day at Tamarack Resort ♥
Part 6: Apres-Ski at Rupert’s in Historic Hotel McCall ♥
Part 7: A Culinary Adventure in the Forest ♥
Part 8:  Brundage Cat Skiing Adventures & Apres-Ski at the Pancake House ♥

  10 Responses to “Non-Stop Outdoor Adventures and Culinary Cuisine in McCall, Idaho”

  1. Watching your travels brings back strong memories. Growing up in Boise and spending winters in McCall I was happy to find your blog. Looking forward to your new adventures. A must is dining at Ruperts if you can!

  2. So happy you made it and are enjoying your stay in McCall. It truly is a gem wouldn’t you agree? A visit to the Christmas house is something I think you and your family should not miss. While you wait you can shop and I see you are a cook so you will love what you will find in the cafe.

    • We actually stopped there last night for dinner. Talk about home cookin’ and comfort-cozy atmosphere. Bonnie is a doll! Going back to explore the Christmas House some more today!

  3. Tell Jeff it was awesome meeting him on the mountain yesterday. Boy can “B” ski! Think snow!!

  4. McCall is such an awesome town! Glad to see your made is snowmobiling. Did you happen to go through Cheap Thrills? Peggy and Chuck are the best!

  5. We miss you guys! Loving watching your facebook feed — nice! Who knew you could snowmobile to hot springs. Thanks for the heads up on that one, wow!

  6. wow! seems so obvious in hindsight but i never realized there were rv lots at ski resorts for in and out skiing, that is so amazing and i can only imagine lots of fun at nighttime! (; great photos!

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