Mar 122015

Under Bed Storage Organization on the Airstream  via // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

Hello big storage space under my Airstream bed. How I loved you so when the salesman proudly lifted the bed up and exposed all of your precious real estate to me.

“Wow…” was all I could say as I stood there staring at *all that space*

“Yep! You’ve got lots of room under here Monica. Plenty of storage for anything you could possibly think of.” he went on.

Oh boy, did I ever utilize all that space under there and not very efficiently I might add.  I just threw things into big plastic containers and eventually, over time, things co-mingled with one another and it became a big mess.  An organization FAIL.  It was an “out of sight, out of mind” type of place and it ranked low on my “things to organize” list.  I mean, really, really low.

It ranked low on my list until my friend Holly from emailed me asking if I had any “hidden” storage photos I could share with her for an upcoming piece she was doing.  My mind immediately went to that black hole under my bed.

I guess it was time to finally get things organized.  Thanks Holly for the push!  And can I just say — I should have done this a long time ago . . .

Under Bed Storage Organization on the Airstream  via // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

I started by removing everything (and I mean everything) from under there.  I took a picture of the space and took a trip to the Container Store.  I picked up some plastic baskets and colorful round rubber bins.  I picked up a wicker container that had smaller containers within it as well as some mini drawers and got busy.

#1) A wicker container with smaller compartments within holds our napkins (contained in a ziplock), holding tank deodorizer, trash bags, sponges, scrubs, laundry and fabric softener (small packets), mason jar lids and Brita filters.  This sits atop a red acrylic tray which sits atop a set of miniature drawers that hold batteries, sticky notes, pens, Airstream parts (fuses, door latches, etc.) and other miscellaneous objects.  Since the side of the bed is open, the drawers are easily accessed through the opening.

#2) The red plastic hand basket holds two glass drinking bottles (for outdoor entertaining) and kitchen tea towels and more napkins.

#3) TP

#4) Beach Towels

#5) Vacuum Storage — we have the Dyson Animal.  It’s such a great little workhorse.

#6) Outdoor essentials — picnic table cloth, lantern, woolen blanket, paper plates & cutlery

#7) This remains the same — Oliver’s hideaway.  He loves it.  I used to store wine here in a wine crate but that is now located in our *bar* area — that post coming soon

#8) Over-sized platters for outdoor entertaining both enamelware and acrylic.  The big bowls are also awesome for washing dishes outdoors and store in here perfectly.

So that’s it.  I’m finally organized under here and it feels great.

If you have any under the bed storage tips for me, I’d love to hear!

Thank you for being here,
~ Monica xoxo