Jan 242015


Not too long ago we traveled to the Northwestern-most point of the Contiguous USA here in Washington State.  I feel honored to have been able to write about that pretty amazing trip for GoRVing.  I shared with GRV’s readership the beautiful sights we saw, picturesque hikes, snow dusted ocean beaches and some delicious recipes I made in my silver kitchen.

If you have a moment and would like to read more about that beautiful trip, you can visit me over on GoRVing and get some great recipes to take with you on your next road trip ❤


AirstreamAdventures_10AirstreamAdventures_13Thank you for being here and visiting me over on GoRVing’s blog — The Scenic Route.

With all my heart,
Monica xoxo

Jan 152015

Cajun Salmon via J5MM.com // #AirstreamKitchen #GoRVing Cajun Salmon via J5MM.com // #AirstreamKitchen #GoRVing

Looking for a Salmon recipe that delivers both on the savory and sweet front? How about converting a picky seafood eater?  I am telling you, this, THIS is the recipe :)

Please visit Go RVing’s food blog here for the recipe.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

~ Monica XO (thank you for being here and there!)

Oct 082014

Suddenly Last Summer with our Airstream via J5MM.com

Fall is upon us now and the other day, it suddenly dawned on me, that last summer — a lot of cooking had been done in my silver kitchen which never made it onto J5MM.  Pouring over all my photos I took of my culinary creations made me realize also — what a beautiful, gloriously long summer we had here in Washington.  The warm breezes continue to blow, even now in what should be a chilly October.  We have our funny days where temps reach 80!  But today will be a nice mid 60’s October day according to the weather woman.  I’m ready for warm sweaters in the upcoming season and exhilarating early morning hikes where the frost graces the edges of the creek near my home. Continue reading »

Jan 192014

Gravlox and Avocado Bites

Welcome to a beautiful Sunday my friends :)  For 2014, I’ve decided to add another feature/category to J5MM named:  Snack Sundays :)

This feature idea came from the fact that every day, when I come home from work, hubby and B are asking me (as soon as I walk in the door) “We’re starving!  What’s for dinner?!” Seriously.  Oliver is jumping all over me begging to be picked up, my coat is still on and I usually have an armful of something either groceries for dinner or files from the office that I can barely hang onto.

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Aug 182011

We love to fish — especially fly fishing.  There is just something about this sport that is so intuitive and well, relaxing.   The environment is quiet, peaceful and you can think here.  You can relax here.  Suncadia/Tumble Creek is where we spent our day.

Crutches and all, it was an incredible day of fishing along the Yakima river.  I should also note that the wild blackberries were everywhere.  They were ripe for the picking and soooo sweet.

It was a beautiful, sunny day.

An Airstream Fishing Trip

After our day of fishing it was time for dinner — fresh caught salmon that we had from our amazing Tofino fishing trip with Lance.  It has been marinating all day and I just knew it was going to be amazing.

Tumble Creek / Suncadia Resort

While I was grilling the salmon I thought to also grill 1/2 a head of romaine picked fresh from the Roslyn farmers market. Amazing and simple just grilled with some olive oil and sea salt.  Finish it with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.   Why does everything taste so good when we are on our Airstream trips?  I tell you, my Airstream’s small space kitchen is my lucky charm. xoxo

AIRSTREAM.  America’s Iconic Silver Trailer.