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The forests of the Pacific Northwest are a soothing retreat for the mind, body and soul.  Believe me when I tell you I come here often especially after extremely busy and stress filled days at the office.   There is no better medicine during those times than a walk through the forest where one can decompress.

My weekends also begin with a refreshing hike along the trails. The glorious sun-lit mornings belong to me — and as I walk, I think about the day ahead and what’s in store.  Thankfully (so thankfully) last weekend and this one belong to ME.  No commitments, no work, no plans — I get exactly 48 hours all to myself and believe me, I am quite giddy about it.

Last weekend I began taking the time to work on some silver pieces for the Etsy shop.  A stunning carnelian ring in a sterling silver setting as well as a pair of antlers adorned with ferns and flowers that will eventually grow into a beautiful necklace.  These two pieces have been so enjoyable to work on.  I am hoping to have a shop update in the new couple of weeks — please stay tuned!  If you would like to bookmark my shop for future, you can click on this link here: Just 5 More Minutes’ Etsy Shop.

In addition to working on my silver pieces, I also had my very first podcast interview with Stephanie and Jeremy from RV Family Travel Atlas a couple weeks ago.  It’s a photography based podcast and I had such a fun time chatting with them (after getting over being so nervous, goodness!).  You can listen to the podcast directly from their website here or subscribe on iTunes here.

Thank you Stephanie and Jeremy for having me on your show — was fun :)

J5MM Forest Walk (4 of 9)

Oliver enjoys our forest walks too :)

On this particular morning, I was thinking — I should have recorded the sound around me to share with you here.  Imagine the sound of a fast running creek with the birds happily chirping above you — and that’s all you hear.  Magical and peaceful both at once.  I just love it here I tell you.

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Wherever you are this weekend, I am wishing you a very happy and relaxing one!


Monica xo

  4 Responses to “Taking the Time”

  1. Thanks for keeping me posted of your many and varied interests. You have a very canny eye for composition, placement and color. Terrific.

    Enjoyed ‘meal planning’ and ‘taking the time’.

    You deserve the time to share the Oscars with your family. cc

  2. Dear Monica, I’ve been happily on the road and just came across this older blog. What an eye opener. You are so intuitive and genius! I ran right out to our TJ Maxx and bought several containers to mimic your refer! It’s such a great idea! We recently spent 6 weeks on the road and our refer was a hot mess to say the least! This should bring calm and order. Thank you for all you share you dear girl! Please keep the suggestions coming as I love everything you do in your Silver Girl! With admiration, Sandi

    • Sandi! You are just about the sweetest, thank you! I couldn’t imagine six weeks on the road — I am so envious!! Oh goodness, the places one can go in six weeks! The bins will definitely bring calm and order to the fridge as well as keep odors at bay (I have learned). Should have done that a long time ago :) Thank you for being here (and over on GRV too) dear friend!

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