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skijoring at Sandpoint Winter Carnival 2014 at the Bonner County Fairgrounds

“Honey, it looks like when we’ll be in Sandpoint, ID for our trip, the annual Winter Carnival will be in full swing,” hubby tells me one night over dinner months before our trip was to be.

“Wow, really? Do you know what kind of activities will be happening?” I asked.

“Well for one, they’ll have Skijoring . . .”

(He knew by the look on my face I was totally clueless)

“That’s where horses and riders pull skiers over jumps.” he tells me.

“Whoa, that’s cool daddy!” B exclaims.

And B was right.  It was really cool to watch!

The horses were so pumped up with excitement prior to each race that the riders had to ride them around behind the scenes to help try and calm them down before entering the arena. Crazy!

And They're Off ! Skijoring in Sandpoint, ID Winter Carnival 2014 via

The horses took off at lightening speeds while the announcers in the booth kept tabs on the race broadcasting over the loudspeakers every detail of what was happening while keeping the crowd excited!

Sandpoint, ID Winter Carnival Skijoring Event via

During the “Open Round” races, the horses/riders and skiers randomly chose which horse/rider or skier to go with.

But when it wasn’t open round, horses/riders and skiers were matched up prior to the race like this “Mother-Daughter” team.

Look at them go!

Sandpoint, ID Winter Carnival Skijoring Event via

The horses ran crazy fast kicking up snow high into the air and the skiers behind enjoyed getting some serious air from their jumps!

Sandpoint, ID Winter Carnival Skijoring Event via

The horses’ thundering hooves running through the snow were heard loud and clear which added to the excitement of the races!

And They're Off ! Skijoring in Sandpoint, ID Winter Carnival 2014 via

Sandpoint, ID Winter Carnival Skijoring Event via

The sport of Skijoring was pretty amazing to watch from the super fast horses to the expert riders and the talented skiers — they all made this one of the most exciting sports events I have ever watched.

And I will never forget it.

Neither will B.

“Mommy, that looked like so much fun.  I wish I could try that.  Those skiers must have had a lot of fun.”

All I could do was smile ♥

I took B and Oliver back to the Airstream to pop some appetizers into the oven.  We were all starving and I knew hubby would be too when he got back to the Airstream from a day on the slopes.

Appetizers in the Airstream via

Poppy seed pastry wrapped sausages with a honey mustard dipping sauce.

Baked, sliced and served with toothpicks.

Easy-peasy ♥

Pigs In Blanket Adult Style in the Airstream Kitchen via

Our stories here on J5MM covering Sandpoint, ID and Schweitzer Mountain have sadly come to an end.  But the memories that we have from this trip will last us a lifetime and for me, that is what matters the most.  Collecting memories and documenting them here so we can always look back and see how far we have gone in the last three years as Airstreamer’s.

Makes me happy :)

Thank you for following us along and I hope that if you ever come to Sandpoint, ID you will consider experiencing some of the things we have because we really had a wonderful time!

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Quick & Easy Assembly Instructions for Pigs In Blankets: 

Take a sheet of pastry dough, cut it to fit one sausage (of your choice, I used a chicken artichoke variety) and roll the sausage up with the pastry.  Brush with egg and sprinkle with poppy seeds — bake in a 400 degree oven for about 25 minutes or until golden brown.  Let it cool, slice and place back on tray placing under broiler for a few minutes to brown up even more.

Service with honey mustard sauce which is one part yellow mustard, one part dijon mustard and a quarter part of honey.


  4 Responses to “The Day We Watched Skijoring”

  1. Hello Monica – I’ve been spending ever so much time on your site since I’ve found it – great inspiration as we wait to pick up our 19′ Serenity. My question for you is concerning the oven. It comes with a convection microwave upgrade (which we had in our 28′ previously and never used once in five years). I love to cook and THINK I would use an oven often – what are your thoughts? It seems like you use your oven a good bit. Thank you so much for your help and time!

    • Hi Kathy — congrats on your new Serenity — love those units :) !!

      So in our first Airstream we had an oven, and I did use it often. Now in our second Airstream we have an oven as well as a microwave and I have yet to use the microwave as much as I have used our oven. We basically just use it to heat up leftovers or to defrost foods in a hurry.

      So if you think you would be using your oven, I would opt for that. Plus it’s good storage for your pots/pans. I keep all of my cast iron skillets (four of them) plus a big enamelware wash basin in it. Very handy.

      Let me know what you decide !!

      Hugs to you xoxo

  2. Love the site but I can’t get a valid feed url. Lots of errors reported from the W3C Feed Validation Service, so rss doesn’t work.

    • Thank you so much for the heads up. I’m not sure how to fix this (which is frustrating) but will reach out to someone for help. Thank you again !!

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