May 092013

Last year, this time we were returning from Oregon’s high desert making a stop along its majestic coastline on this beach called Tierra Del Mar.  It is a trip that is still very vivid in our minds . . .

Airstream on the Beach

When you spend time in Oregon you begin to realize just how incredible it really is here in all that it has to offer. Dramatic coastlines, high deserts, state parks galore and so much more.

A couple more places to visit were on our agenda and then our trip would come to a close. On this day we stopped at one of our favorite places to be with our Airstream.

Right next to the sea.

Hubby and B started exploring and I started preparing lunch for us. 

Crispy purple potato cakes with salty gravlax and a farm fresh poached egg. There were crunchy beet chips too. Oh and some wild salmon caviar I should not forget.

Here is my recipe for crispy purple potato cakes if you are interested and the recipe for my beet chips here, with once exception — these I made on the beach were fried not baked as the recipe called for. 

B, Oregon Coast

Airstream on the beach


Preparing lunch in my silver kitchen at the beach + being with my family = HAPPINESS

Airstream on the Beach

Around and around went B riding his bicycle, all over the beach.

“Mommy! Watch how fast I can go!”

. . . and he did. He rode his bicycle so fast!

He was so happy and well, so was I.

Airstream on the Beach


Sweet Seagull

Beet Chips in the Making

And again, it was time to leave. A crabbing trip was waiting for us and hubby was excited about that.

“Do we have to go now? Can we please stay a little longer?” said B

As we pulled off to leave we took one last drive down the beach . . .

  6 Responses to “{Throwback Thursday} ★ From Oregon’s High Desert to the Sea ★”

  1. Awesome post! Can’t wait to someday visit Oregon. Thanks.

  2. can you really camp on the beaches in Oregon? this would be on my bucket list. how do you go about finding beaches that you can camp on? just found your blog and love it. and you have gone to places we hope to get to one day. We live in Calgary, Alberta.
    Thank you so much

    • Hi Anita! Yes, you can totally camp on this beach in Oregon; however, it is only allowed for day use. This beach in particular is called Tierra Del Mar in Pacific City. I do want to mention that it’s advised you keep your trailer on the upper portion of the beach where the sand is hard and dry and don’t attempt to take it down to the water like we did.

      You can spend the day here and then head into town and camp overnight at Cape Kiwanda RV Park. It’s super nice, clean — they have a store with an ice cream shop and they even make pizzas that they can deliver right to your RV. Best. Pizza. Ever. It’s also right across the street from the beach. Beautiful spot to spend a weekend. Here’s a link: Oh and they have an indoor pool / hot tub too!

  3. I’m so inspired by your website and photos… was wonderng about your back wheels on your bumper… what are they for?


    • Hey Lisa — ahhh, those wheels. Funny looking aren’t they? Well, this Airstream was our very first one. She was a 25′ Safari. The previous owners lived on a STEEEEEEP hill so they had the wheels put on so the trailer wouldn’t bottom out in their driveway. Now on our second Airstream, we don’t have them. Our driveway was also a little steep and we couldn’t get our new Airstream up it without severely bottoming out so we fixed that solution but adding bigger beefier tires and now we have no problem.

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