Apr 302013


There is nothing I enjoy more than coming home from corporate America and preparing dinner in the Airstream on these beautifully sunny Seattle days.  Except for of course, preparing dinner in our Airstream when we are actually on the road – on vacation, lol :)

As our Airstream sits in our driveway, I climb inside and get started on dinner.  With the door wide open, I listen to B and Oliver play in our front yard and for a moment, in my mind, we are glamping :)  It’s a good feeling.  I also begin to think about the very near future.  We have some pretty exciting road trips planned.  Some of which I have been waiting to take since I was 13 years old!

We will be visiting Orcas Island again here shortly and I can hardly wait to share more of the beauty that special island has to offer.  Do you remember Farmer John and my Farm to Fork experience?  Or how about Buck Bay Shellfish Farm and Toni’s Shucking Shack?  Let’s not forget Doe Bay Resort with Jon Chapelle now named “Executive Chef” as so rightly deserved.   I hope to visit the spectacular landscapes of Turtleback Farm Inn and take a invigorating hike up Turtleback Mountain.  We are very excited!  Especially since we are bringing our little Oliver along with us!


Then not too long after that we take almost three weeks and make a round trip from Seattle to Jackson Hole to Yellowstone and many other stops along the way.  Stops to places I have never heard of that offer some pretty exciting outdoor adventures.  We will be heading through Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.  We will be white water rafting, horseback riding, fishing, gold panning, visiting ghost towns and even “Glamping” in tents (sans Airstream).  It will be a trip of a lifetime that I am looking forward to sharing with you.



And this was our dinner.  Super simple and SO delicious.  A ricotta and cream cheese spread atop crunchy toasted bread with fresh peas, radishes, tomatoes and a delicious thin slice of salty prosciutto.   The hardest part was the topping of chive oil.  No really – just kidding.  I have chives coming out of my ears in the garden (and if you live nearby – or are passing through – please do come over and get yourself some!).  I put a handful in my blender along with some oil and just blended away.  It’s the perfect compliment to this crunchy tartine :)

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to the spring season ♥  and thank you for following along :) xoxo

Photography by MonicaBennett.com

  4 Responses to “{ Last Night In My Airstream } Dinner & Trips To Come ♥”

  1. I look forward to following you on your Jackson Hole adventure. It is on of my favorite spots on earth to visit.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful as always and this tartine I will make xxo

  3. Sounds like you have some great trips coming up. We are picking up our Airstream next week and have been following you now for quite some time. Thank you for your beautiful photography and sharing the beauty of our PacNW! You are such an inspiration , Katy

  4. This looks simply delicious ! Your upcoming trips sound fabulous. My sister and I will be on Lopez early July for a girl’s getaway; and Jim and I are heading back to Cape Disappointment at the end of the month. No big trips until August or September-heading to Baker’s Hole Montana for some fly fishing-Jim that is ; I will be photographing the gorgeous scenery..Have fun

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