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Northwesternmost Point of the USA Road Trip via

There was much to be thankful for over this past Thanksgiving holiday road trip of ours. I am no doubt so very thankful for my boys, our health, our silver girl and so much more.

I was also incredibly thankful for mother nature bestowing her generosity upon us with good weather during our holiday road trip.  One morning though, she did decide to pour buckets of rain down upon us but luckily our plans were to wrap up camp and head to our next destination.  As we drove, the gray skies turned blue and the sun shined so brightly, turning our surroundings into the most beautiful golden color.  The sky was also the most beautiful shade of blue I had ever seen.  Maybe it was just my imagination, but the color was different to me.  I took so many photos.  I just couldn’t help it.

We just got back home-home this Sunday from our trip.  On our trip we visited the quaint town of Port Townsend and glamped at the Point Hudson Marina and RV Park.  We then motored up along the windy, and sometimes white knuckle — coastal roads towards Hobuck Beach RV Resort where we secured a beautiful ocean view spot.

We did so much, together.  It was a special time and B couldn’t stop talking about what fun he had on our trip, during our drive home.

“It was the best trip mommy!  Thank you.”

That’s what makes my heart squeeze with happiness — this child of ours and these memories hubby and I are making for him.  As I looked out the truck window, I couldn’t help but get teary eyed thinking that one day, maybe, he will bring his family to these spots we visited and possibly, just possibly share his stories — his memories with us — with his family for his children to remember.

It’s now Tuesday, December 2nd as I type this.  I have so many photographs to sort through, but I love it all.  I’m looking forward to sharing a detailed story of our trip with you so that perhaps, if you are considering planning a trip out this way, you may consider visiting the places we have.

In the meantime, every night after work — after all the home chores are taken care of, I sit down at my work bench and craft silver inspired travel accessories.  I am hoping very much to update my Etsy shop this Sunday with silver goodies.  I’ve been working on two sets of earrings so far and they are just about the most beautiful little earrings ever.  Another leaf design (which has been very popular.  THANK YOU !!)  and a new silversmithing technique I have learned — a tiny concave silver bowl with teeny-tiny little silver drops inside.  They are small, delicate and very sweet.  I love them and I think you will too.

Please stay tuned  — they would make the loveliest gift for the Glamper in your life.

With all of my heart,

Monica xoxox

The Look of Things Around Here via #Airstream #GoRVing

  8 Responses to “Upper Left USA”

  1. Beautiful picture! Can’t wait to see your newest jewelry! (and glamping pics)! Sandi

  2. You, your stories, and pictures of your travels with your Airstream are such an inspiration to me! Thank you so much for sharing Monica!

  3. Monica, I really enjoy your posts and continue to inspire me. I am working on refurbishing an 1973 Land Yacht..its a project but hope to finish within the next year. I look forward to reading your newest adventures and marvelous pics! AWESOME!

    • Thanks Janine! A vintage trailer restoration is a dream of mine to accomplish one day — congrats on your silver beauty. I would love to see pics!! Thank you so much for your sweet words to me and taking the time to drop in. Means so much xoxo

  4. I am so longing to be on the road again, so I’m still living vicariously through you ! Your newest venture-jewelry -is absolutely gorgeous…by the way , I’ve been meaning to ask you-where did you get the red enamel coffee pot that shows up in a lot of your kitchen shots ? I’ve been searching the Internet and can’t find one similar. Happy Trails,safe travels and Merry Christmas .xxoo Sandy

    • Hi Sandy — thank you for that nice comment about my jewelry — honestly, that was so sweet!! I will have to look closely at my red enamel pot and get back with you — but it is a vintage piece that I picked up at a vintage trailer rally in Roslyn last summer from a local antique dealer. I bet if there is an inscription or something I can find on the pot we can do a further search online and see if we can find another. Stay tuned, I will be in touch !!

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