Feb 222012

I would like to introduce our two very special photographers who have joined us on our winter ski trip to Red Mountain in British Columbia!  I can’t even begin to say how honored we are to have them along with us.

Kenny Blum and Matt Small!  Just take a look at their photography and be amazed.  These guys are very, very talented!

Thank you Matt and Kenny!!

Please do check out their photography websites, incredible!

Kenny Blum’s Website

Matt Small’s Website

Here’s Kenny skiing Red Mountain!

Matt Small Photography

Matt Small Photography

. . . and here’s Matt skiing Red Mountain!

Kenny Blum Photography

Kenny Blum Photography

As we spend our days here skiing, exploring the village and just enjoying ourselves in general, we are amazed with the views and the kind people here.  Red Mountain Resort is sure to please any skier be it beginner to uber expert.  The ski school is excellent for children and the instructors are kind and gentle (and according to B “They make me laugh mommy.”)

The snow is plentiful and everyone is smiling here.  What a better place to spend our winter holiday vacation!

Red Mountain Resort, Rossland, British Columbia

The lodge you see below has a great ski shop for accessories and also a restaurant above.  There are tons of lockers to store your gear and again, everyone is so helpful and friendly!

Red Mountain Resort, Rossland, British Columbia

Thank you Red Mountain Resort for the memories!!  We will definitely be back again!!!


  4 Responses to “Welcome to Red Mountain Resort in beautiful Rossland, British Columbia!”

  1. I love that you travel everywhere with your Airstream. It’s been a dream of mine to have on now for a long time. Maybe this will help convince my husband that we need one A mobile ski lodge! Red Mountain looks like an awesome ski spot too. Sweet!

  2. Have fun J5MM! Rock on and enjoy as I sit back and watch!

  3. Looking forward to your posts about this resort. Have been wanting to come for quite some time now just haven’t solidified the plans. Looks beautiful there!

  4. Used to come here as a kid and WOW do things look different. We are heading to Revelstoke next weekend. Ever skied there?

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