Apr 242016

Monica Bennett Forest Photography (3 of 5)Monica Bennett Forest Photography (1 of 5)Monica Bennett Forest Photography (2 of 5)Monica Bennett Forest Photography (5 of 5)

I took a stroll through the forest this morning.  It’s one of my most enjoyed morning rituals — becoming enveloped in the peace and quiet found here.  I feel truly blessed to have the riches of the forest so close to home.

I was inspired from my morning walk to finish up these beautiful silver earrings.  They are the first in my series, “Riches of the Forest.” They’ve been sitting on my bench now for a while and I am beyond delighted that they are finally ready, for you.  In my shop now:  Just5MoreMinutes.etsy.com

I do hope you can swing by!

Riches of Forest Earrings Riches of the Forest earrings via J5MM.comMonica Bennett Forest Photography (4 of 5)


  10 Responses to “Where Peace Meets Quiet”

  1. Beautiful photos Monica! Those tiny flowers, and the fiddleheads…nature is SO inspiring with its form and colour combinations.
    And those earrings…oh my!
    Have a great week ahead…

    Your Sister,

  2. I needed the virtual trip today. I’ve been stuck inside with paper work. Yuck. Thanks for the break!

    and in a future post would you address music for the glamper, playlists, sound systems, no music at all? etc.
    Are your recipes organized electronically? for on the road? If so how? evernote or what? My camp cooking is in need of a serious upgrade!

    Love your writing!

    • I will absolutely address music for the glamper, playlists and everything else you mentioned. Thank you for the post inspiration! On my list ♥

  3. Very beautiful and do like those earrings too… :)

    Will have to head over to the store to find me a little something for my birthday!

    Have a good week,

  4. Beautiful Monica! I love those little fern tips! Happy to see you back to your work bench too!

  5. Beautiful! I’ll check it out!

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