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Peak to Valley Airstream Road Trip via J5MM.comCampfire Cookout via J5MM.com

It’s getting close to one week when we returned from a beautiful summer road trip through Idaho and Oregon.  In between working in corporate America, taking care of hubby and B, walking Oliver and the rest of the usual day to day activities I am doing my best to sort through all of the photographs I took during our Peak to Valley adventure.  I call it Peak to Valley because our trip took us from the peaks of alpine life in McCall, Idaho to the valleys down below where Hells Canyon in Idaho and the Deschutes river in Oregon call home.

Airstream Trailer Rest Stop In Idaho via J5MM.com

We felt very fortunate to score a campsite at the McCall RV resort before the week of the 4th of July.  The last time we visited, it was in the middle of Winter — which we think, was equally as beautiful but definitely a very different experience.  Both winter and summer here are seasons one musn’t  pass up visiting.

McCall RV Resort in beautiful McCall, Idaho via J5MM.com

We also got brave and thought we’d explore some forest service roads in seek of the perfect boondocking site.  We heard that the sites here in Malheur National Forest and the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness are a dream come true.

At first we were very excited until the road started to get narrow — and even more narrow.

Pretty soon we were at a point where we either had to turn back, or keep going.

So turned back we did.

And then we found the perfect spot.


Back Woods Camping via J5MM.com

We had a three day river rafting trip scheduled with Hells Canyon Raft.  We had to pack carefully and put everything in dry bags and lock up the Airstream for two nights while we floated down the canyon.  It was really an incredible experience.

We learned a lot about the history of the canyon from the homesteads that are still there.

We picked fresh fruit from the trees on the homesteads.

We got splashed by the rapids, which was very refreshing because it was kind of a hot three days.

We fished.  A lot.

And we enjoyed fancy meals with good company by the river before retreating into our tents to sleep.

Under the most {INCREDIBLE} star lit sky I have ever seen.

That will be fun to write about — I can’t wait.

Hells Canyon River Raft trip with Hells Canyon Raft via J5MM.com Hells Canyon River Raft trip with Hells Canyon Raft via J5MM.com

B and Oliver had a really great time.  B captured some cool video footage with the GoPro and Oliver braved the Class 4 rapids quite well!

White Water Rafting with your dog in Hells Canyon via J5MM.com

Our journey continued on down deeper into the Strawberry Mountain wilderness.  We camped at Trout Farm Campground.

That was fun!  Probably one of the prettiest dry camping spots we have visited.  There was a creek running behind the Airstream so it was refreshing to walk down there every now and then to cool off.

We had fresh caught fish for dinner and some grilled oysters (that I picked up a market along our way not too far back).


The next morning was an early rise  for us.

We were heading on a full day fishing trip down the Deschutes River putting in at Warm Springs, Oregon —  and as we drove we were greeted with this beautiful sunrise view from Mt. Jefferson ♥

Mt. Jefferson in Oregon via J5MM.com

A  40 mile float down the Deschutes River was a dream come true for me.  I’ve always wanted to experience this .  Thank you  Matt and Nate from the Deschutes River Outfitters guide service for taking us out.

The scenery here was unbelievable.  The fishing was out of this world.  World class White Rapids even (White Horse rapids — it’s worth a Google).

Did I mention the scenery?

Another great experience I look forward to writing about in more detail.

White Horse Rapids Deschutes with Matt Deschutes River Outfitters via J5MM.com

Native Idaho Redband Trout in with Deschutes River Outfitters via J5MM.com

Picnic lunch and fishing the Deschutes river with Deschutes River Outfitters Matt and Nate via J5MM.com

Beautiful wild horses . . . happy and healthy ♥

Wild Horses on the Deschutes River with Deschutes River Outfitters Matt and Nate via J5MM.com

Our last night we spent at Kah-Nee-Ta Resort and Spa in Oregon’s high dessert.  It was our second time back and will not be our last.

kahnetaA picture I snapped of our Airstream as we departed Kahneeta and made our way slowly back to Seattle.

leaving kahneta (1 of 1)

Thank you for following along on our journey.  I hope we are able to inspire you to visit some of these most beautiful places we have been too.


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  1. These photos are nothing short of stunning. Every shot tells a story and makes you want to experience those same moments. I will put some of these places on my short list for my western trip next year. From the scenery to the food, I love it all. Those are particularly beautiful pictures of the fish but I am a bit partial. Also, you will have to teach me how to get a photograph of fire to look like that. Thank you for sharing. That trip looks pretty nice from where I am sitting and I look forward to your future posts.

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