May 202013

Delicious Tarts Prepared in an Airstream Kitchen
“You must have loved to build forts when you were little . . .” My friend Amy tells me as we both sit in the Airstream one evening enjoying a glass of wine while taking in our silver surroundings.

Such a keen observation I thought — and how it made sense to me. Forts were one of my favorite outdoor activities as a child and now that I think about it — I get a similar sense of happiness in my Airstream today, such as when I spent time in my forts as a child.   My small space in the world where I can get away from it all.

Fortunately, I’ll be able to take my “fort on wheels” on a trip.  It’s a very last minute trip but one that is well needed and I can hardly wait!  You can see where we will be going on the map below. We are doing a complete loop around the Olympic National Park here in Washington. We’ll be doing a lot of hiking, exploring, cooking and just taking things easy. Oliver is coming too! It will be his first trip to the ocean ♥

During our trip I’ll be taking a lot of pictures I am sure.  If you would like to follow me during our trip, you can find me at {Instagram}.  I’ve been using it more and more lately and I really like it — it kind of gives you a “behind the scenes” on what we are up to between blog posts.  Continue reading »