Jun 212011

Summertime has officially arrived and not a moment too soon.  High’s were in the mid 80’s that afternoon and I have been itching to make a frozen concoction in my ice cream maker that hasn’t seen the light of day since last summer.

While the boys were out fishing, I prepared this incredibly simple recipe of vanilla frozen yogurt.  I’ve been wondering how this recipe would turn out and well, it was delicious!  Sweet and creamy with a bit of tang.

If you do happen to make this, I would love to know what you think.

homemade Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Jun 132011

A little over five years ago we fell in love.  Hubby and I that is – fell in love with Roslyn, Washington.  Have you heard of it?  It is one of the most beautiful, little towns you can come across.  Deep history, friendly folk and sweeping views all rolled into one. Not to mention, this is where Northern Exposure was filmed.

Hubby and I purchased a “little slice of Heaven” here in Roslyn.  It is (to us) the perfect piece of land for our Airstream to stay when we come to visit.  I am really looking forward to sharing with you, everything Roslyn has to offer.

When I woke up on our first morning here, the stillness outdoors was amazing.  The sun’s rays were just emerging and things were starting to happen. I was happy.  Calm.


Breakfast was simple (really!) crepes stuffed with lox, fluffy scrambled eggs, melted Gruyere cheese topped with creme fraiche and chives.  The basic crepe recipe can be found here.

Roslyn Washington

Jun 132011


Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia with our Airstream Travel Trailer

Horseshoe Bay – Gateway to Vancouver Island



view of downtown Vancouver, BC

A Summertime Swim and a Gluten Free Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie



Lance's Sportfishing Adventures in Tofino, BC - Canada

Lance’s Sportfishing Adventures in Tofino, BC and a Salmon Dinner

Early Morning Tide Pools and a breakfast of Eggs Neptune (a.k.a. Eggs Benedict with crab)

A Wildlife Extravaganza – Browning Pass Charters with Captain Mike, Tofino, BC

A Stormy Morning at MacKenzie Beach, Tofino, BC and Warm Blueberry Pancakes

Jun 132011

SunCountry Golf is a wonderfully maintained 18-hole golf course set amongst the Cascade Mountains and provides the perfect relaxing weekend get-away as it is located near the heart of the Cascade Mountains 90 minutes East of Downtown Seattle.

SunCountry offers up amazing views and a fantastic, meticulously maintained golf course.  The RV spots are generous for your rig and tow vehicle and accomodating with full hookups as well as clean and spacious washrooms nearby.

Owner’s Jim and Cherie were so sweet and gave us a grand tour of their golf course.  They explained to us how they implemented the course and how the 18 holes came to be approximately three years ago.  They have truly created an absolute haven.  They also installed a wind turbine which at first, I thought was a piece of art (it is so beautiful).  Jim explained how that turbine powers all of the pumps on the course.  It is so refreshing to meet people who are very conscientious of our environment and who take steps to help our environment.

Here is a little tidbit from SunCountry Golf’s blog:

” Hello Sun Country Golf Fans! We are now onto the 2011 golf season and this marks the 3rd year of the new 18 holes. The grass grow in is now complete and the greens are fantastic and the fairways will be the best ever. The snow has finally disappeared and we are now officially open as of April 18th. Don’t miss the start of the season and be sure to take advantage of our new Early Bird Specials.”

If you are a golfer, this is a definite destination for you!  Only 90 minutes from downtown Seattle, SunCountry Golf  makes for a wonderful weekend getaway.

We absolutely enjoyed our time here.  After some golf, I prepared for the boys a very simple salad of red asparagus, lox and brie cheese.  Recipe follows shortly . . .

Sun Country Golf & RV Resort

Jun 132011

We have been “Streaming” all through fall, winter and spring . . . now it’s time for some climate change. Hot venues, hot shows, hot foods and most of all hot temperatures — all to come!

West Beach Resort on Orcas Island, Washington State

Orcas Island Snow Man

Obstruction Pass State Park

Ferry to San Juan Island, Washington State

San Juan Island, Washington State

Alpental Ski Area, Washington State

Oregon Coast

Oregon coast Airstream trip

Tofino, Canada

Tofino and our Airstream British Columbia


Jun 112011

It was time to bring our Airstream back home and I knew this was going to be a difficult trip.  Difficult emotionally.  I have become so attached to these beautiful San Juan Islands.  The way of life here, so relaxed, so easy, so calm.

We planned to have breakfast in Eastsound at one of our favorite spots, The New Leaf Cafe and then take one last stroll through this quaint little town that is full of unique boutiques, fine dining and so much more.  My previous post here goes into greater detail and photography in regards to the beauty and charm that can be found here.

We had breakfast at the New Leaf where almost everything is homemade from the smoked salmon to the homemade breakfast sausage.  Their bread of choice is brioche and basically, their menu was amazing.

If you visit Orcas Island, please do stop by the New Leaf cafe in Eastsound.  I promise, you won’t be dissapointed.  Hubby and I ordered our usual “smoked salmon eggs benedict.” and B got his usual “french toast.”  Oh and make sure to order the freshly squeezed orange juice . . . I’ve never tasted juice so good!

Bon Appetit!


Jun 112011

As we stroll along a stretch of beach that the glaciers have carved, tides have sculpted and weather has eroded, the artistic beauty of nature can be captured in a moment or absorbed throughout one’s life.

There are hundreds of miles of coastline to explore in the San Juan Islands. Whether one takes a morning beachcombing walk or spends a lifetime sailing the coast, there is an indelible imprint recorded by your senses. The elements become the paint brush and the ice carved islands the canvas.

These are the images as seen through Monica’s camera lens on a quarter mile stretch along an Orcas Island beach.

Orcas Island