Apr 052017

Strolling over cobblestone and beneath the cherry blossom trees at Roche Harbor Resort, I hear the gentle, yet powerful ‘whir’ of hummingbirds nearby.   B tells me, “Oh wow mom, look up!  There must be hundreds of them!” We observe in awe as their tiny yet mighty wings carry them effortlessly to and fro the nectar laden blossoms.  They hover for a moment, analyze each blossom and then all at once make the decision to zoom in, ferociously, fearlessly and with abandon gulping nectar as if it were their last sip — and then onto the next blossom . . . and the next . . . until another precious little hummer decides it too would like to have a sip and then an unwieldy feeding frenzy begins.  A challenge of sorts, to be “the” bird to get the nectar.  Such precious little ferocious creatures they are.

It was a glorious show, thank you sweet hummingbirds — the pink blossoms against the blue sky was such a nice touch and every now and then, the clouds would part granting the sun permission to shine down upon us, kissing our vitamin-D deprived bodies.  

I must have snapped no less than a million photos of those fantastically fast hummingbirds.  A million because photographing hummingbirds is not an easy feat to accomplish.  For the longest while I declared Orca whales to be the most difficult subject to photograph, I must now step down from my “I hereby declare that Orca whales are the most difficult subject to photograph!” soapbox and officially declare hummingbirds to be the most difficult.  No question! 

Like the hummingbirds, we’ve been zipping here and there, to and fro many places here in Washington.  A little bit ago, we paid a visit to Suncadia Resort to check in on our condo rental we have there and to see, just how badly it has deteriorated from back-to-back check ins and outs.  Funny how when you expect the worst, it’s really not so bad after all.  I was pleasantly surprised although there are two chairs that are going to be visiting a donation site rather soon, if they’ll even take them . . .

We’ve also been back in the San Juan Islands, spending time with our darling little boat.  I just love her, I tell you.  The ultimate for me (and this will happen) is to find a slice of land to perch our Airstream upon while having our boat moored down below at a dock.  Kind of like this piece of property (minus the dock as it’s down a ways a bit):

We’ve got plans to build a dream retirement home in the islands, but finding the perfect lot has proved tricky.  Who knows, maybe this one will be it.  We shall see.  I am a firm believer in, “If it’s meant to be, it will be . . . and if not, move on . . . there’s something better out there”

In the meantime we are enjoying the hunt for land and everything else that comes in between.  Life is grand and hope it’s that way for you ♥ 


Jan 302017

Early morning sailings to the San Juan Islands are such a treat (once I am fully awake) (and after plenty of coffee).  We rise at a ridiculous early hour to make certain we catch one of the first ferry sailings from the mainland to the islands.  A schedule like this ensures that we #1, do not get stuck in awful traffic and #2 we have the first full day all to ourselves.  The night before I am busily preparing breakfast burritos for the boys to enjoy on the drive up where it’s only us on I-5 and not another single soul in sight — it’s rather bizarre to have the entire interstate to yourself, but I love it.

Once on board the ferry, we sleepily make our way up onto the main deck and seek out some comfortable seating where we can catch up on some zzz’s while being rocked to sleep by the gentle swaying of the ferry and the rhythmic hum of the powerful engines.  The ferry sailing is around an hour and a half which gives us a good snooze window. Continue reading »

Jun 102014

Anacortes ferry landing via J5MM.com

Sometimes when life gets super busy, it helps me to sit down and take note of everything happening around me.   The last two weekends for us have been spent up on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

The purpose of our first visit was to reconnect with friends and have a party in their honor back at our camp.   I wanted everything to be perfect so I worked very hard on that trip for a couple of months prior.  The party went off without a hitch and so many wonderful things happened that weekend that I really look forward to sharing with you.


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May 082014

When traveling with an RV there are many benefits to be had.  Take for example the fact that you have all the comforts of home with you including a fully equipped kitchen.  Sure it’s probably smaller than your kitchen at home, but with a little organization and planning, you can easily whip up the same healthy meals you do for your family at home, but on the road.

My Travel Trailer Kitchen

What’s better is that you’re actually on the road.  Traveling.  Exploring.  Seeking out new adventures.  Can you imagine a better way to experience the “here and now,” than visiting a local market where you just happen to be seeking out the freshest, in season goodies to cook a meal with?  Take it to the next level and talk to some locals shopping in the market.  Ask them how they like to cook those “in season” ingredients.  More often than not, you’ll make a new friend and come back to your RV inspired, ready to cook. Continue reading »

Dec 262013


Ever since bringing home our Airstream in 2010 it has somewhat become a tradition to spend the cozy Thanksgiving holiday in the San Juan Islands – specifically Orcas Island.   Year after year we return with the longing of peace, relaxation and just taking things easy next to the Salish Sea.

There is never a dull moment when spending time in the islands . . . Continue reading »

Jun 062013

You can spend an eternity in the San Juan Islands and it still would not give you enough time to discover everything these magical islands have to offer.  As we continue our spring trips and postings here on J5MM I would like to share with where we were this time, last year :) 

This weekend we are heading to Hood Canal to stay at a really cute RV park called, “Rest a While” where we are hoping to get some clams that I can cook for dinner.  Part 3 of our Olympic Peninsula Loop is also coming soon — hopefully tomorrow!

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