Apr 222015

A Taste of Washington's Coast for #GoRVing via J5MM.com #Airstream

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Grayland Beach State Park along Washington’s coast, it is a trip that I highly recommend.  There you are greeted with beautiful sites — some boast privacy, some are very spacious and all are within close proximity to trails that take you straight to the beach and ocean.

I had the honor to write about our recent trip to Grayland Beach State Park for GoRVing.  There I shared our experiences of  razor clamming for the first time along with catching  Dungeness crab and enjoying starry nights.

Here is a direct link to my piece and I truly hope you enjoy it – and most of all, I hope it inspires you to find your Away :)

Link:  A Taste of Washington’s Coast


A Taste of Washington's Coast for #GoRVing via J5MM.com #AirstreamA Taste of Washington's Coast for #GoRVing via J5MM.com #AirstreamA Taste of Washington's Coast for #GoRVing via J5MM.com #AirstreamA Taste of Washington's Coast for #GoRVing via J5MM.com #AirstreamWACoastJ5MM_23 WACoastJ5MM_24As always, thank you very much for being here :) xoxo
~ Monica

  6 Responses to “A Taste of Washington’s Coast”

  1. That crab dinner is my FAVORITE!! (Great photos, as always)

  2. I’ve nominated you for a blogger award.

    Monica, I’m a huge FAN! :)

  3. I agree with Laura!!
    My favorite photos were B wrapped in the sleeping bag, and the sky…one with so much feeling and the other the Big WOW! I had a neighbor at Birch Bay that used to fix clam chowder with their Razor Clams. They would grind them…then make soup with potatoes and corn..memories:)
    Which kind of sheepskin did you get….who knew there were 3 kinds ??
    Great Article, photos and you!

    • Thank you Linda so much for your sweet words. We still have razor clams in the freezer that I have been saving for ?? A clam chowder sounds like the perfect recipe for those clams — thank you so much for the idea! My sheepskins came from Costco, in store. I love them so much — I have two of them onboard the Airstream and one at home on the floor in the bedroom in front of the fireplace. The quality of sheepskins that come from Costco are top notch — they are are thick and lofty and only need a good brushing once in a while. Plus the price can not be beat. I don’t think they are in stock right now — usually in the early fall they hit the stores so keep your eyes out. I have seen the same rugs in other stores such as Crate & Barrel that retail for there times as much — crazy. I hope that helped you!

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