Mar 092015


Last Saturday night a friend of mine on Instagram tagged me in a post.  It was a photo of Northwest Travel Magazine with a cover image of a little boy playing in the sand with an Airstream in the distance.

She continued:

“Please tell me this is you or else I’ll be on dish duty tonight.”


Northwest Travel Magazine, April 2015 Issue via // Monica Bennett #Airstream


I had to smile (big) because that was my photo and she recognized it.  I had no idea the magazine was out on newsstands yet so of course the next morning I had to drive to the store to see it for myself – and there it was.   Thank you Susy for letting me know xoxo

The article that my photo represents is about traveling in the Pacific Northwest over Spring Break with a focus on RVing.  My favorite mention in the piece is the recommendation of visiting Jetty Fishery in Oregon. We actually stayed there shortly after I took the cover image for this magazine.  I truly believe that Jetty Fishery is a hidden gem and if you are a fan of dungeness crab, this is the place for you.  You can either rent a boat and catch your own crab or simply pick and choose from the fresh tanks they have on site.  I clearly remember during or visit, people pulling off the road to enjoy fresh cracked crab at picnic tables overlooking the bay.  Truly, truly a beautiful spot.  Here is my blog post about our visit to Jetty Fishery if you’d like to learn more.


Jetty Fishery Marina via // #Airstream
Image taken at Jetty Fishery // Spring 2011

Thank you for being here — hope you are having a great start to the week xoxo
~ Monica