Apr 242016

Goey Skillet Cookie (1 of 1)-5Goey Skillet Cookie (1 of 1)-4

I’ve been sharing some recipes of mine over on GoRVing’s recipe site.  This fudgey skillet cookie with a soft center is a decadent treat that I actually make quite often during our road trips.  Scoop it straight out of the skillet or allow to cool slightly and cut into slices.  Vanilla ice cream makes it that much better, if that’s even possible.  You can find the recipe here and I hope you enjoy :)

Bon appetit!

PS:  There are so many great recipes on GoRVing’s site and it’s a great resource for meal planning your next road trip :)  Be sure to have a look around.

  6 Responses to “How Sweet It Is”

  1. I LOVE skillet brownies! I think I just gained another 5 pounds looking at the photos… :)

  2. Love your photos of the ‘morning walk through the forest’. Sure beats the heck out of desert sand and cacti.

    Also, you have a way of winning the hearts, and stomachs, of your men.

    Such color and contrast in all your photos. Keep up the delightful photos and narratives. Well done–as usual.

  3. Your presentation and photography make everything magical — so enjoy your site!

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