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Airstream Movie Night via J5MM.com

Not too long ago, Hubby and I had some rare alone time together.  We relaxed in the Airstream watching the James Bond film, “GoldenEye,” while sipping on our favorite cocktails.  We both fancy martinis, mine being the Gibson while he prefers his extra dry with a twist.

While cuddling up to hubby and enjoying our time together, I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander about my silver girl’s interior admiring our surroundings.  I focused on our wet bar and thought about how well it has served us over the last couple of years.  I also thought it would be nice to share with you, what I have done to transform that little space under our sink.

Our 2012 Airstream International came with a built-in rubbish bin.  It lived under the sink on the lower shelf and I couldn’t help but think that every time I needed to toss something out, I would have to open the door to do so.  Not that opening a door is such an issue but what about when I am cooking?  Messy hands?  To constantly open the door would be a pain and also probably cause early wear and tear on the hinges.   Door hinges in the Airstream kind of bug me, they seem to always be unloosening and I struggle with how to refasten them. Anyways — that is a post for another day.  Additionally — there was a lot of real estate under there that was solely dedicated to the rubbish bin.  I knew that space could be better utilized, so bye-bye went the bin and in its place fit six glass bottles perfectly (vodka, limoncello, gin, dark rum, vermouth and Pellegrino).  Under the bottles I placed a single layer of non-slip shelf liner to help keep them from sliding around while under tow.  Before towing, I would stuff tea towels in between the bottles to keep them safe and sound from knocking into each other resulting in possible breakage.  That worked fine and dandy, but it was just another thing to remember to do before hitting the road.

Then one day as I was perusing my local Asian market, I discovered Japanese apple pears.  I know, really off topic here, but just hang on — these deliciously sweet and juicy crisp pears come individually wrapped in styrofoam netting that repurposes SO well as protective sleeves for our glass bottles in the wet bar.  They keep the bottles safe and really snug in our little spot under the sink.  Perfect!

Airstream Cocktail Lounge via J5MM.com // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

Then one day during my lunch break in corporate America, I happened to walk past a Mexican restaurant that had a beautifully lit up display of colorful liquor bottles in the window.  I took a step closer to see exactly how the bottles were lit up and discovered they sat upon a clear acrylic shelf that had string lights underneath.  “Very nice,” I thought.

Sooner than later I found myself driving to my local Michael’s craft store to pick up some battery operated fairy string lights to replicate the beautifully lit bottle display in that Mexican restaurant.  I could hardly wait to get back to my silver girl to see how the lights would work out.  Here is the result . . .

Airstream Cocktail Lounge via J5MM.com // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

A mobile wet bar wouldn’t be complete without cocktail accoutrements that are conveniently stored in a utensil caddy.   Here I have a cocktail recipe book, a selection of aromatic bitters, whimsical cocktail decorations from plastic colorful mermaids to paper umbrellas, straws, tongs, mini whisk, hot sauce and more.  Basically whatever tickles your cocktail fancy would be right at home in this caddy.

Utensil Caddy for Cocktail Accoutrements via J5MM.com // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

What’ll You Have? 

Airstream Cocktail Lounge via J5MM.com // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

I hope this post brought you some inspiration.

From the very bottom of my heart,

Thank you for being here,

Monica Bennett via J5MM.com

My Sleepy Silver Girl Under the Moon & Stars via J5MM.com // RV Lifestyle #Airstream StyleOh and here is where I keep the rubbish bin now – right there in the kitchen next to the pantry:

Rubbish Bin Location On The Airstream via J5MM.com // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

  8 Responses to “A Mobile Wet Bar”

  1. Monica,

    Our local wine store used webbed sleeves on their bottles. I have been able to use those sleeves for many purposes–olive oil, condiment bottles, etc. These are longer than the ones used on pears, so useful for larger bottles.

    Where do you put your trash bin?

    All the best,


    • That’s such a great idea with the longer wine bottle sleeves. Thank you for sharing that idea! I just posted a picture for you, it’s the last photo in the post showing where I keep the trash bin. Works out really well. Thanks for being here and sharing that great tip!

  2. That is a great place for the trash bin. We have a 25′, so that space would not be as convenient. I am still on a quest for the best spot. Currently, I have a slim bin by the door.

    Thanks for posting the picture.


  3. Fantastic! I love the way that looks. We are using the space for alcohol, too (thanks to your idea) but you’ve really kicked it up a notch. We are still trying to figure out how to utilize our storage space in the 25FC. On the shelf above the wet bar we have some small appliances, but I’d like to move them someplace else. I need you to see my space and give me some ideas!! :-)

  4. This is so inspirational! We are getting ready to move our 2014 25′ Flying Cloud to the space we will live in this summer ( outside Durango, CO) I can see that space, under our sink, for some red wine bottles and tequila and gin :) I have gotten so many good ideas from your posts and especially your gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing
    I can’t wait to get my silver girl set up and take pictures!!!!

  5. Dear Monica,
    Yet another wonderful idea executed beautifully! I love your soul! I’m just not sure that all those bottles would survive on some of the routes we’ve taken! Hubby wants to know if you keep the doors open when using the bar? I love the plexi carrier; was that found at a chain store? I might have to copy this idea as I have with so many others of yours! Keep it up you beautiful dreamer!

  6. Monica:

    That is an excellent idea. I love the lighting. I may have to find a way to light our mobile bar. Melizza and I are currently on a cleanse with no alcohol, sugar, dairy, coffee, bread, pasta, wheat, fatty meat and many other restrictions. When it is over, the first thing I will have is a martini to hit my newly detoxified body. Inspiring as always.

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