May 262015

first aid

Before our recent trip to McCall I made sure our first aid kit was fully stocked and that I had all the necessary documents for Oliver.  Having these things in place gives me peace of mind during our trips.  To read about our McCall trip and to see more photos, please visit my latest post over on GoRVing’s blog here.

Thank you for being here (and there!)

~ Monica XO

Mar 052015

Peshtamal Towels For RVing via // RVing Lifestyle Airstream Style

Over the last few years blogging here on J5MM I have gratefully received emails from fellow readers asking my opinion of what I think would work best in an RV from kitchen essentials to outdoor living essentials and everything in between.

A couple of weeks ago I received the sweetest email from Holly C.  She was curious as to what towels I have onboard and after I told her, she encouraged me to share it on J5MM.  So I am and thank you Holly ❤ The timing of her email to me was uncanny as I had literally just placed an order for three Turkish Peshtamal towels.  It was this article (and the comments) that convinced me they would be the perfect replacement for my big, fluffy terry cloth towels.  Because big fluffy towels are oh so comfy and luxurious but when your on the road and every square inch matters, you end up looking for an alternate solution.

I immediately started searching Etsy for a Peshtamal seller and low and behold I found him.  His name is Demet and lives in Turkey and ships to the USA ( here is his shop if you’re interested ).

If you have never heard of a Peshtamal before, they are super light weight, thin and extremely absorbent. They are big in size (typically 70 by 40 inches), but are very compact.  Unlike a thick terrycloth towel, Peshtamals are flat-woven with a smooth, soft texture of 100% Turkish cotton.  They also dry more quickly after use, so they don’t take on a musty smell.

Peshtamal Towels For RVing via // RVing Lifestyle Airstream Style

Also, as you know, multi purpose items are so beneficial when RVing and that’s where I really think these towels shine.  They are perfect for everyday use out of the shower and I can totally see them being used as a sarong on the beach, a picnic blanket or a picnic table cloth. The possibilities are endless!  They also take up a tiny amount of space in the RV closet and you can roll one up easily and tuck it into your day pack for your outdoor adventures.

One question I had upon receiving my towels was how to care for them.  I learned that gentle laundering is best. Machine wash in warm or cold water with like colors and tumble dry on low (or line dry).  Say no to bleach, harsh detergents, dryer sheets or high heat. I also learned from Demet that Pestemals get better with use and some need to be “broken in” by washing and drying them in a dryer on medium heat a few times. This make them softer and more absorbent.  Mine you see below have been washed and tumbled dried once to break them in and they are very lovely.

Peshtamal Towels For RVing via // RVing Lifestyle Airstream Style

I am quite pleased with my towels and if you’re looking for the perfect towels to take along on your RVing adventures, you may also like the Peshtamal as well.

Thank you for being here,
~ Monica xoxo