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Fabulous Finds For Your RV via // #Airstream #BestMadeCo

I  love this company, and I want to mention, I have no affiliation with them, whatsoever.  I simply adore their products for the great outdoors that I believe are very well made (from the few items that I own).   Here are a few of their things I have (and would love) for the Airstream and our RVing travels:

#1) It’s red and has little white stars all over it — talk about the cutest Banadana on earth.  Would be a great gift for the man in your life, or the dog in your life, or the kid in your life, or for even yourself — I’m totally buying four of them :)

#2) My parents escaped from communism  in (then) Czechoslovakia during Prague Spring in 1968 and came to America — New York City to be exact.  Shortly after in 1971 they had me (I was almost born in the car as my dad was zipping down the NYC streets at 1 am b-lining it for Mt. Sinai hospital, where thankfully I was born).  I am so proud to live in this free country and fly, this flag, proudly.

#3) This one is pricey, and it’s a total dream item for me to buy for hubby and B.  One day I will hold it’s preciousness in my hands but until then I continue to stalk the website and dream about it.  I’d love it on board the Airstream for the purpose of chopping wood for campfires and I’d find a nice place to display it on the wall — somewhere.  It’s that beautiful.  Plus, they have so many other designs to choose from too.

#4)  I have featured this precious pot before here on FFT, but I’m doing it again, because it’s been almost three years and it’s been a total workhorse and cleans up to a brand new finish each and every time.  I have the white one with red handle and I heart it so.  I use it as my little deep fryer on the board the Airstream.  I use it to make porridge for B on chilly mornings during ski trips and I use it to make sauces and even warm up water for tea.  I love love love this little utility pot.

Thank you for being here and I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday!  This weekend is Memorial Day — wondering if you all are heading anywhere?  We are staying put as B has some baseball games to play and I have a garden to tend to.  But we’ll be back on the road soon in the next few weeks and I can hardly wait.

Hugs to you all xoxo
~ Monica

My favorite  pot — in action frying up some apple pumpkin fritters a couple Falls ago :)  Along with the pumpkin fritters is B holding our poor sad axe.  Maybe I’ll ask Santa to bring one from Best Made this Christmas.

Apple Pumpkin Fritters in the Airstream Kitchen via // #Airstream #BestMadeCo

  10 Responses to “Fab Finds Tuesday: 5.19.15”

  1. I have been needing, and looking for that little pot! Somehow, though, it seems wrong to order it while in my RV in Cannon Beach….I will go for a walk and get over it.
    I loved your story in the magazine. This morning while drinking my Latte I went and found the Bison Burger recipe. I love it that Trader Joe’s carries Bison. Something to save for home. I also read your past post about Nehalem…my next spot. Free WiFi here!! so I can post…What Camera do you use? Happy Tuesday!

    • Oh Linda, I had to laugh! You are too funny about, “I will go for a walk and get over it.” I’ve done that, many, many times! This FFT is therapeutic for me in a sense — when I write about all these goodies, there is a sense of satisfaction I get and can wait a little while longer for any purchases. But I did order those bandanas. They are just too cute (the stars are what got me). I loved reading your comment (as usual!) and am so happy to have you here :) I hope you are enjoying yourself on the beach — I wonder, what campground are you at? We have never camped close to Canon Beach (except for parking the Airstream in a parking lot and walk around to explore for a bit). I use the Canon 5d Mark III to take my pictures and use the lens that came with the camera. But up until about two years I was shooting with the Canon T2i and before that the Canon Rebel. All very, very good cameras! Hugs to you my sweet friend and happy camping XOXO

  2. Really happy to see BMC featured in your fab finds. I own a few of their products and I agree, that ax is a dream ax.

  3. You have the best taste. I wake up every Tuesday morning and can’t wait to see what new is up your sleeve. Thank you.

  4. I love that company and have coveted those axes for years. Melizza will kill me if I spend that much on an axe. Why does it have be so darn attractive? Great post about a great company. I wish Inwas affiliated with them just for a discount on the axe.

    • I had to laugh at that — Jeff would think I was crazy too if I bought it, and he is a man ! But I believe that once he holds it in his hands and experiences the magic of it when chopping (because he is chopping now with quite the crappy axe lol) he will think differently. If I just didn’t buy the Apple Watch, I probably would be seriously considering this. For now, I will wait for Santa :) xx PS I do agree, why do they have to be so attractive!!

  5. Oh Monica I totally agree about the pot from “Best Made Co.”! I bought it during this past winter when it was on sale!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I seen the discounted price! We love it! My husband uses it for bbq sauce when he is grilling, and I have used it for many things! We just got back from “River Plantation RV Resort” for the Memorial Holiday! We were so blessed with fabulous weather! Can’t wait for our next trip. I wish you well with your summer travels!


    • Hi sweet Patty :) So happy to hear you scored the pot and that you’re loving it !! Also very happy to hear that good weather graced your recent trip — I will have to check out, River Plantation RV Resort. Thank you for sharing that with me :) wishing you happy summer travels and big {{{HUGS}}}

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