Peek Inside Other Lovely Airstreams

Over the past few years blogging here on J5MM, I have had the great pleasure to meet some really sweet and creative fellow Airstreamers.  They reached out to me to chat Airstream decor, which is something I absolutely love to chat about :)

I was recently inspired by an email I received from a sweet gal from Louisiana who shared with me her pictures of her new shiny girl.  This inspired me to create this page, Peek Inside Other Lovely Airstreams.”

If you would like your silver girl featured here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me here.  I’d love to share your photos and story too.

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This feature comes from a sweet follower of mine who has lifted my spirits high many, many times about J5MM.  She said I inspired her for decor ideas — but little does she know she inspired me, many times, to keep going on J5MM.

Pulled from her Facebook post, with permission:

Months in the making, Serenity Now is ready to roll! The snow has disappeared. Showers today, but who doesn’t love April showers? I want to thank Monica Bennett for keeping me going with her blog Just 5 More Minutes through this seemingly endless winter. Her decorating ideas inspired me. I have “borrowed” many ideas as I could squeezing them into my smaller AS. OK, Time for some Serenity Now!

Airstream Serenity // Peek Inside Other Lovely Airstreams via

Airstream Serenity // Peek Inside Other Lovely Airstreams via J5MM.comAirstream Serenity // Peek Inside Other Lovely Airstreams via Airstream Serenity // Peek Inside Other Lovely Airstreams via Airstream Serenity // Peek Inside Other Lovely Airstreams via

happy little stars

Dear J5MM,

I really enjoy reading your blog.  I have read it over and over so many times while deciding which model of Airstream to buy.  Now that we have it, decorating and organizing is underway.  I thought I would share a few pictures of my progress “so far” and ask for any comments or suggestions you might have. The pictures are attached.  You may of course use them as you like.

I  have wanted an Airstream my whole life. Now that I have one, I can’t wait to glamorize our”silver girl”. She is a 2015 27 FB International Serenity.  We purchased this model because the white cabinetry makes it seem so bright and cheerful.

I look forward to reading your blog and seeing you down the road.

A Louisiana Fan!!!!

C_1 C_3 C_4 C_5C_2

Isn’t she a beauty!?  I’m so inspired!

Thank you being here,
Monica xoxo

happy little stars

  12 Responses to “Peek Inside Other Lovely Airstreams”

  1. Love your new feature page Monica! Love this Serenity too. Just a few more weeks and my 23ft FB Serenity will be ready to roll. Can’t wait!! Louise

  2. Look at her beads i love that idea! I love this new feature page, keep them coming!

  3. I’ve always loved the Serenity and this only solidifies my LOVE

  4. Well this is going to be fun! Love this new Serenity — it’s generous windows, beautiful flooring, and high-quality kitchen! This beauty won’t need much decoration, because it is such a natural beauty! I read a lot about the Tiny House movement, and IMHO, an Airstream or other travel trailer, is a much better solution to living a small footprint. I’d love to see a few Airstreams in backyards!

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! Love seeing ideas and inspirations!! So glad you started this! She did a wonderful job glamping her Airstream! Love the beads in the bedroom!! Great job!

  6. Thank you Monica for sharing the pictures of my Airstream. Her décor is a work in progress!

    Thank all of you for the sweet comments, especially regarding the beads…..I love beads…….and plan to put more of them around.

    Please share your pictures!!

    From the Louisiana Bayou……..Charlotte XXXOOOO

  7. I love this new feature page also… Someday soon I hope to see mine here too!

    Thanks Monica~ From your Arizona Friends!

  8. I am divorced for three years almost, and my grown daughter and I share a home here in Arizona; and we have been discussing our desire to someday, somehow, purchase an Airstream, the little silver beauties. I will no doubt need to save until that happy day we bring her home. She will be a previously owned one, for sure, and I just hope whoever is trying to sell her has taken loving care of her! Looking forward to travelling someday and it better not be very far in the future, since I am over the hill! Thank you for the look inside of your sweetie.

    • How wonderful and sweet that you and your daughter want to adventure into Airstreaming together. I am certain that when the day comes and you find your silver girl, she will be meant to be for you. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring me to invite my mom on a road trip — just she and I. Warmly, Monica

  9. I’ll be sending you pics soon, much of which is your inspiration you dear girl! Love your blogs, and can’t wait for the next! xoxoxoxo

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