Mar 172014

An early morning start for a day of snowcat skiing at Schweitzer Mountain Resort . . .

Schweitzer Mountain Resort

While B, Oliver and I went back to the town of Sandpoint to explore more, on this day, hubby had an experience of a lifetime snowcat skiing with Selkirk Powder Company.

Snowcat Skiing with Selkirk Powder Company in BEAUTIFUL Idaho via

And at the end of the day when hubby got back to the Airstream, I could tell from the look on his face he had an awesome time.

“So how was it?” I asked as I started to helped B pick out his clothes for our dinner reservations.

“Honey — it was truly an experience well beyond my expectations,” he tells me as he’s taking off his coat.

He continues . . . 

“We started with an avalanche safety and transceiver beacon drill after which we immediately dropped into and carved up some pillowy drifted glades. Each following run seemed to be deeper, dryer, and longer.”

“And what about your guides?” 

He replies . . .

“Our guides were Jessie and James and they were awesome.  Ken, who was the owner/operator was with us too and the presentation and tour of the Selkirk Powder Cat’s skiing terrain was nothing less than top shelf.”

“Wow!  So who were you paired up with? I curiously asked.

“His name was Parker and we were generously taking first picks on descents in front of Jessie and James who always saved the best lines for us.”

He goes on . . .

“Honey, it was seriously top notch from our guides to the mountain and the whole experience in general.  We’ll have to come back here one day. The exhilarating experience of riding ten fifteen hundred vertical feet of back to back untracked pitches of  powder is more than words can express.”

I was pretty happy for him!

Snowcat Skiing with Selkirk Powder Company in BEAUTIFUL Idaho via

boarding wipe out

“Mommy?  Can I go with daddy next time?” B asks me (with an ever-so-hopeful look) as I help guide his arm through his sweater.

“I think that next time, maybe next year when we go on our next trip you can”  I tell him :)

And he smiled.


“Thanks mommy, I can’t wait!” and my sweet boy gives me the biggest hug ever.

So with that we head into the town of Sandpoint to enjoy more conversations about our day while dining at Ivano’s Italian Restaurant.

apes ski at Ivano's in Sandpoint ID via

From the moment we stepped through the doors of Ivano’s Italian Restaurant, we were immediately greeted by the most friendly hostess.  She asked for our names, checked her reservation book and asked us to follow her to our table located near the cozy roaring fireplace.   A perfect addition to our apres-ski dining experience here.

As we sat down I had a look around — beautiful tall ceilings, art adorned walls and an elegant wine bar.  The menu, inspired  from the northern provinces of Italy had such options as handmade  gnocchi and pastas with veal, chicken and even rabbit were not to be missed we have heard.   But for me, the Tortellini Ivano called my name and hubby, after learning of a seafood appetizer asked if that could be placed atop fettuccine alfredo. “No problem,” replied our host with a big smile.   B enjoyed his own plate of the most life-changing penne and cheese I have ever tasted.

“Can you believe this?” I asked hubby?  Pointing to our dinners that sat before us? He could only simply nod in agreement with me.

The portions were generous and the food was absolutely mouth watering.  We kept wanting to eat even though we were already so full – it was that scrumptious!

Another Great Restaurant to add to the list !!

a view from the top of Schweitzer Mountain in Sandpoint, ID via

Idaho never disappoints and our trip to Sandpoint, ID and Schweitzer Mountain Resort has proved to be one of the best.  A true winter wonderland and a town full of amazing culinary discoveries and not mention unique boutiques,  quaint gift shops and so much more. No doubt, a first time visitors dream come true xoxo

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