Feb 242011

I absolutely adore this small space kitchen, sometimes I will even cook in it when the Airstream is at home.  Why?  The generous countertops, big double sinks, the abundant storage, the three range gas cooktop and my handy little oven with an awesome broiler (with real flames!) all contained in a small space for cooking simple meals – the same meals you cook at home can be a reality on the road.  For exampe, my little oven managed to cook a 10 pound Thanksgiving turkey, no problem!  Plus clean up is a breeze.  What I love about our Airstream’s kitchen is that everything has it’s place so there is no need to store/keep things all over your countertops.  Everything is literally right at your fingertips and using limited gadgets and appliances makes your happy cooking experience even more so.  Our Dometic fridge is also a great size where I have been able to keep upwards of 1 weeks worth of recipe’s perishables.


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  1. I have just discovered your blog from AS forum! Wow love all of it the pics, the food. I am from the NW so it really makes me homesick.
    We have a 28’safari, and I am still getting the hang of cooking.
    Where did you buy the flower cups? Are they silicone?
    I appreciate the answer, and will tell several of my NW camping foodies about your site!

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