Aug 192012

It’s really sad when such an unfortunate event happens as the Taylor Bridge wildfire has here close to Cle Elum in Washington state.  Many homes have been burned down to the ground as well as countless evacuations.  To see such bravery and determination from the firemen touched our hearts over the weekend.  It was so hot outside, close to 100 degrees and they were working tirelessly to contain this wildfire.   I couldn’t even imagine how they must have felt . . .

The helicopters you see above was a continual event.  One after another like clockwork they would come to this pond, fill up their buckets with water and continue to the forest . . .

~ Fire area boundary posted in downtown Roslyn on the community bulletin board for August 18th

~ The wildfire seemed to be directly behind this beautiful home :(

~ Head to toe clothing and protection in close to 100 degree heat

~ A burnt landscape

At the school in the little sweet town of Cle Elum is where the firefighters have their base camp.  Here love is truly shown by the residents of Cle Elum and neighboring towns of Roslyn and beyond by donating food, water and sweets for the firefighters to eat.  McDonald’s also feeds them all, for free.

~ A fire line carefully carved around the structure of a barn

~ Where our hero’s sleep

~ We couldn’t have said it better ourselves :)

Up to date information about the Taylor Bridge wildfire can be found here

Monetary Donations can be sent to the local American Red Cross:

American Red Cross
312 North Pearl St.
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Contact: 509-925-5866

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  1. Loved this piece. A friend of mine from high school is a Yakima fire fighter. These guys and gals are tough! Wild fires are are so double sided – such a natural part of natures process (unless set by humans of course), but when there are homes in the way they are devastating…..

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