Nov 112011

B was writing a letter.  But not just any letter.  This letter was special.  This letter was “magical with its possibilities.”  It was going to be put inside of a bottle and set adrift out to sea.

“Do you think it will go to Japan?”  B asked me as he looked up from his letter.  “Possibly . . .” I said smiling at him.  I was in the Airstream kitchen preparing a turkey sandwich for lunch that would have a sweet and tart cranberry sauce layer over some cream cheese, oh and sunflower seeds too.  I put down my spatula and went over to him.

“Wherever this bottle shall land, it was meant to be.  Maybe it will float all the way to Japan or maybe it will float over to Lopez Island.  Maybe it will float all the way to Australia and land on the beautiful white sand beaches and along the way, maybe your bottle will experience dark and scary ocean storms and float up and down over super high waves.  Maybe it will become a friend of a fish, or a big whale or maybe it will just float along and be warm from the shining sun.  Whoever finds it, I think will feel so lucky too.  Would you be excited if you found a message in a bottle?”

B sat there looking at me with his eyes big and wide.  He quietly resumed working on his letter being extra careful with the spelling of his words and making sure everything was perfect.

“Do you like it mommy?” he proudly lifted up his letter to show me.  “It’s perfect!” and I meant it.  It was the perfect letter, ever.

“Now, let’s go for a walk and set your bottle out to sea . . .”

Doe Bay Resort and Bradley's Message in a Bottle

The bottle was launched.  B picked a spot, aimed for it and was happy with the outcome.  It landed with a big splash and began to slowly float it’s way out to sea.  I took out my zoon lens on my camera and took about 100 pictures of the bottle slowly floating away . . .

“Now we wait,” I said.  We watched the bottle bob up and down and work it’s way out to sea and then decided it was time to go.  Afterall, we did have a turkey sandwich waiting for us in the Airstream kitchen.

Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich

Rustic bread, some arugula, thick cut organic turkey and my very own cranberry sauce.  Don’t forget the cream cheese and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds (we love the roasted and salted on our sandwiches).

If you would like the recipe for my cranberry sauce you can find it here.  I made this when we had our very first Airstream Thanksgiving Dinner.  Which, by the way, we are going to have again.  I love celebrating Thanksgiving in our Airstream in the San Juan Islands and using all the local and fresh ingredients the island farms have to offer.

UPDATE:  Someone found Bradley’s bottle !

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  1. Wonderful story…he’ll remember that forever!
    PS: I want to come to lunch, too!!! Yum!

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