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Storage Under Tow via J5MM.com // #Airstream

We hit the road this weekend and I am so looking forward to it.  I’ve had a crazy few weeks at work with deadline-after-deadline and even though I am very thankful for my career and enjoy it, I am also very, very ready for a road trip vacation.  We’re taking our Silver Girl to the mountains of Leavenworth here in Washington State and then onward to some dry camping over Blewett Pass and a riverside spot we scored at Salmon La Sac that is close to our property in Roslyn, Washington.  I’ve got a serious hankering for some catch-and-release fly fishing, a cracklin’ campfire and some relaxation along with some down home cooking in my silver kitchen.

My Silver Girl is all ready to go and I thought it would be entertaining to share with you some quick snaps of how she looks before we hit the road.  I’ve gotten a lot of, “Where do you stow everything when you travel?” questions over the past few years which inspired me to create this post.  So here I go.

Everything you see here in my kitchen, stays put while under tow.  The cutting board, the spices in the magnetic containers, the iPad and even the rolling pin.  It all stays put.  If we hit some serious hard bumps, those salad servers you see there hanging on the white magnetic board go FLYING – somewhere – and I end up calling in search and rescue (aka “B”) to find them (because I love them so) and they are always found, thankfully :)  But other than that, everything stays put.

My coffee maker, salt pig, soap dispenser, mini pedestal fruit/veggie stand and milk frother get the royal treatment and get wrapped up in a big fluffy towel (like snug bugs in rugs) and placed in my big round sink for protection.  Just like you see there . . . oh and do you see the faucet hovering above?  That is a danger zone if you do not turn the water pump off before towing.  Trust me.  If you have the same unit as I do, one small bump will send the handle upward and open allowing water to flow freely into the sink happily filling up the grey tank and emptying your fresh water leaving you with ZERO water and a full grey tank upon arrival.  This lesson for me was hard learned when arriving at our dry campsite in Yellowstone National Park a couple years back.  Never again.  The words, “Did you turn off the water pump,” are the first uttered out of hubby’s mouth before we even turn on the truck to leave.  Now, I can kind of laugh about it (kind of).

My little table from Ikea lives on the sofa and my FatBoy lamp sits on the pillows tucked in safely.  That’s about it.

Storage Under Tow via J5MM.com // #Airstream

In the bedroom, there’s not much to protect here except for lamps/lanterns that sleep on the bed and enjoy the ride . . .

Storage Under Tow via J5MM.com // #Airstream

So there you have it.  That’s where I keep all my things while under tow.  It takes me just 5 minutes to set everything up inside, and if search and rescue comes in to find the salad servers then it’s, “Just 5 More Minutes,” and we’re set :)

Before I go, I wanted to share this with you.  This Sunday is Father’s Day and I designed this card for the special father in your life.  It’s a free PDF download and it lives on GoRVing’s blog — The Scenic Route.  You can find it here if you’d like to use it.  Simply print it out on a color printer and fold into quarters.  I’ve left a nice big blank space inside for your very own special note.  This is going to be my card to hubby this year ❤

Free Printable Father's Day RVing Card via J5MM.com

Wherever you may be this Father’s Day, I am wishing you the best one ever :)



PS  If you want to virtually come along with me on my weekend Airstream road trip — I’ll be over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Would be fun to see you there ❤😘



  12 Responses to “Preparing to Tow & A Father’s Day Freebie”

  1. You know I’ll be following…in all media spots. Enjoy your time. Now for me…off to download that Father’s Day card. Thanks!!!

    • Hi Janel — I have been in guilty land not being able to respond on time. Thank you following me and I hope you liked the Father’s Day Card. Hugs to you xoxo Thank you for being here. PS I LOVE your photos on Flickr — BEAUTIFUL eye you have !

  2. Great post! In love with your silver girl!! Just printed the Father’s Day Card!! Thank you!

    • I’m totally late here but wanted to thank you for printing out the Father’s Day Card :) Going to give your recipe a try that Linda (below) downloaded from your beautiful site !! Thank you ♥

  3. Ha ha…you are the third on my Instagram, behind my two grandkids…I feel so “with it”…
    You are going to some of my favorite places. Can’t wait for your beautiful photos, and “What’s cooking in the
    Silver Girl”. good tips. The bed and pillows keep everything safe. I find (since i am in a View) that a little bubble wrap tucked into places works to keep any noise down. Happy travels.
    By the way, downloaded Natalie’s Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower…yum

    • Hi Linda, please forgive me for being so late in responding to you. You are always so sweet and kind to me and I appreciate the bubble wrap tip. Thank you !! I will have to give Natalie’s recipe a try too — sounds yum — anything with cilantro and lime I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Hugs to you xoxo

  4. Thanks for sharing and have a great time. Will be following you on Fb. Happy Fathr,s day!

  5. I’m completely in love with your Silver Girl! She’s a beauty! Thanks for sharing how you’ve set her up. Have a safe and fun trip! Virginia has a lot of beautiful places to camp if you ever come East

  6. HI Monica,

    I’m wondering how you affixed your spice jars and knife magnetic strip to the airstream. Did you need to put holes in it?


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